Monday, 19 October 2009

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth

I've just been reminded by a corpmate of mine that I haven't posted here for ages. Just to let everyone know - I havent dissappeared, just on another of my frequent Haituses (if thats spelled correctly) from Eve whilst i'm playing Aion.

Unfortunately I started craving some first person fantasy action a while back, and I vowed to never go back to WoW ever again, so with Champions Online and Aion on the cards, I started playing both of whem whilst planning to get on with a large skill training plan in Eve which I had been putting off and putting off because I couldn't stand seeing 25+ days skills train whilst I actively play the game.

I have a strong desire to see progress being made when i'm actively playing my characters, which is why I often get a lot of gratification in new games for a few weeks, i'm sure that with Aion, when I get the character to maximum level, the desire to play will wane for a bit, and Eve will once again beckon. With that I'll also have a few things I had been planning:

1) Karox will be able to make all tech 3 ships, and should be pretty good at inventing tech 2 ships for all races.

2) Lomara should be able to pilot all tech 2/3 frigates and cruisers, as well as field tech 2 guns for all of them as well.

The larger plan is to move Lomara on to battleships of course, and then possibly to carriers or other capital ships, but once I have access to all the tech 2/3 ships it'll give me 'try new toys' craving a bit of a boost in Eve.