Friday, 31 October 2008

Guide Part 4 - Electronic warfare

I have uploaded the fourth part of the guide, the subsection on electroinc warfare, discussing everything from ECM to target painters, as well as the classics - warp disrupters, energy vampires and webs.

You can find it here

Theres still no one come forward interested in helping me fiddle with the layout and making it look nice, so I can only presume that there's little interest, but what I'm more interested in now is finding out if these have been any use for people. Are they too wordy and don't give enough maths on how things work? Is there not enough emphasis placed on the skills that are more important than the effects ? I am doing this for no reason as it's just covering old ground ?

Answers on a postcard please (or just reply if you want to save the cost of a stamp)

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Blog Banter – Ambulation

Blog banter is a project that was proposed a little while ago where a lot of the blogs post about something specific, just to get everyone's feelings on that topic together at the same time to promote discussion and see where people's opinions lie. The first of these are to be published on the following subject: Ambulation. What are your hopes for your avatar and new functionality of stations?

If I'm honest, the prospect of Ambulation was what brought me back to Eve after all those months away after reading about it on a few gaming websites. I'm sill looking forward to it, but I'm struggling to see just how it would fit in with the world we have all been used to for so long.
I like exploring, seeing something new as much as possible, so the thought of finally getting to see the inside of those stations rather than just the docking bay had me salivating, especially as I had been playing Mass Effect recently before coming back to Eve, and the indoor scenes in that were very well done.

I do believe that it will just be a testing ground for CCP's 'real world' MMO (possibly something in conjunction with White Wolf in their World of Darkness theme which are what all the rumours seem to be pointing to) but on the other hand, if it adds something and lets them get the kinks out of the system by offering the Eve players something for free, then who am I to argue, after all you won't be forced to get out of your ship if you don't want to as far as I'm aware.

To answer the first part of the question – what are your hopes for your avatar. I want to see a nice and varied list of clothing, I definitely don't want to see everyone looking the same, and whilst I expect the avatars to appear different in line with their racial look that you can pick up from the current portrait avatars we have, I would have hoped that you could dress in a clothing style entirely to your own liking, for example to dress in Minmatar style clothing whilst being a Caldari avatar.

To answer the second part – functionality of stations, I would prefer it if there were no big yellow exclamation marks anywhere. I can't stress this enough. It seems to be the defacto way to announce that someone has something to say to you, but it's been overused. It would be nice if you have a terminal at the docking bay which acted as a mail client which also let people speak to you directly if you didn't want to meet them in person, or alternatively give you notice they wanted to see you – then you could go and speak to them directly. A portable system could be used to announce new messages (basically just increasing the functionality of the current eve-mail system in game)

I want to definitely see lots of eye candy – not the big boobed under-dressed variety (though I'm sure there will be options out there for this for anyone who's interested) but plenty of variety in the rooms you can visit. I'm not sure how possible that's going to be with system limitations, but I dont want to see every Minmatar station being generic for instance.

Casinos should make an appearance. There are systems in game at the moment to play casino games via third party applications, but it would be nice to get those programmed into the game properly, and CCP should work in conjunction with the better known casino operators to get the systems they use in game, perhaps linked across all systems to a central server which handles all the games going on at once.

As for communicating with others, that's my main hope for Ambulation. It would be nice for each room in a station to have a local voice chat channel where you could log into the Eve voice system and chat openly with others. NPC's in rooms should speak to you using voice acting, but due to limitations in bandwidth it would have to be saved to the hard drive during the install, so conversations will be limited of course. Open chat using text will exist of course, but I'm not sure how 'spammy' that will be in order to maintain the feeling of a real environment where there could be hundreds of people on a station, and maybe 10-20 of them are player controlled – of course in the thriving player populated systems where there are 300 or more players active, then transmitting all that data to that many clients will be very lag-inducing.

I can see there being a lot of system limitations in comparison to the ideal in my eyes, but if CCP can include all of these, in my eyes they will have created the perfect first person aspect of the client.

I know that some people will want combat in stations. I don't believe it will happen in the first iteration of the system, but it would be nice to include it in some way. Of course, you should be safe in the dock in your ship if you really want to avoid that opponent of yours, but as long as wars are sanctioned then it should be possible to attack opponents. If you carry out a criminal action without sufficient call to do so, you should also be attacked by the authorities. I'm not sure how to incorporate this, as I don't think an Eve FPS game is the way to go, but on the other hand, it does work quite well in Mass Effect so it can be something to think about in the future.

To see what the other participants have said about this subject (at the time of writing, some of the posts are in the planned stage so may not all be visible yet) check out the info below:

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Eon/Eve Store Update

I've been contacted by Ian from MMMPublishing once more, he's been more than helpful in trying to resolve the issue, but after being given assurance that the magazines have been despatched, I have a horrible feeling that the blame lies with the British postal service.

A few weekends ago, no one in the local street seemed to get any post on Saturday, and based around the despatch date it seems that the magazines could be tied up with that.

I'm not sure where to go about complaining to the Royal Mail now about it, since it seems to be their fault, and I'm waiting to see if MMMPublishing can give me any proof of postage so I can wave it in the faces of the post office staff and ask for compensation.

In the meantime, MMMPublishing has offered to send me second copies of the magazines which I am very greatful for, and just want to once again promote their responsiveness and good service that I've been given in the blog - you truly do get great service from the smaller outfits. With luck, I get my magazines I need, and then can also get some compensation from Royal Mail for the first mess up they gave me so I can see about sending more money their way.

Moon mineral rebalancing soon it seems

Seems that it will be easier to get the rarer moon minerals soon - it's going to be possible to combine lower category ones together to produce higher category ones (at a fairly poor exchange, sort of 20:1 or so)

If it's going to be worth it financially is another matter, as it could go one of two ways - increased demand on the lower minerals raises the price, or the lower demand of the higher minerals drops the price. Suppose its a wait and see game.

See the Devblog on the subject

Monday, 27 October 2008

Eve Store - A bit Off topic, but need to rant.

Is there anyone out there who has ordered anything from the new eve store ?

I placed an order for some back issues of Eon magazine and after going through the motions (and only being able to order 1 item at a time thanks to the lousy interface) chose a 4 issue subscription since it's said that you can order 4 issues at once through that if you choose for instance issue 1, you will get sent issues 1 to 4.

Upon attempting to process the order, I got a failed message, stating that the server couldn't be contacted, and to try again later. After waiting 10 minutes and trying again, I got the same message so gave up on it as a bad idea.

Fast forward a week later, and I recieved my credit card bill, with 2 transactions on it from the Eve store.

Email sent to them to try and gather what has happened, and without getting a response from CCP or whoever runs the store, I recieved a forwarded email from Ian in MMMPublishing (those who produce Eon) to say to me that they had recieved the payment details, but as the request came through without any other info, they couldn't access it to process.

After explaining that they were happy enough to send me 8 issues instead of the 4 I had ordered (as the 2 payments had come through) they couldn't cancel one or refund it as there was no order number attached to send back to CCP to get them to refund the card.

Ultimately, I had wanted to eventually buy the 12 back issues in 3 blocks of 4 that I had missed out on to date so I was happy enough to accept the 2 sets of 4, but what worries me is what would have happened if I had kept on trying to process the payment and had 5, or even 10 payment requests on there. It seems I would have struggled to get a refund on the unrequired payments, and personally think it's a rather shoddy practice. It's making me worry about placing the order for the other 4 issues I need. It seems that MMMPublishing, though they have been very helpful in progressing the matter are a bit limited in that they can only process orders received through the eve store, which I have reservations about using again.

I'm still waiting for the 8 issues to be sent out to me, 10 days after I was told they would be despatched now they know who the order is for, which is a bit of a long time considering the amount that is charged for delivery when normally you would expect only 3 to 5 days, but I know that MMMPublishing is busy trying to process the EON13 shipments at the moment so I'm not too worried that it's taking so long, but hopefully soon I will hear from them and be able to make a decision over getting the remaining 4 issues.

Anyone else had any experience with the Eve store (new or old) and had any other issue with them, or have I just had a (hopefully) rare bad experience ?

Drones - small and deadly

Part 3 of the continuing guide is on the benefits of using drones in their various forms.

From combat drones to specialist drones such as electronic warfare, mining and logistics, they all have a use to almost every pilot out there.

Part 3 of the guide is linked here

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Guide Part 2 and Bonus

I've had a few days with getting the next installment of the guide produced, unfortunately work has been fairly hectic over the last couple of days. I've now uploaded part 2, on the joys of not blowing up, or more commonly known as ways to tank damage.

As a bit of a bonus (because I've not worked out where im going to incorporate it yet) I've also enclosed a spreadsheet for a ready reckoner list of the subcapital combat ships which are available at the moment.

It doesn't go into detail on all of the ships available, as there aren't entries for all of the faction ships, or the Logistics cruisers (I'll get around to them soon I hope) but in a game that relies as extensively on threat level recognition based on the type of ship your opponent is flying, it can be quite a handy reference.

Links are below for those who are interested:

Part 2 - Tanking

Eve Ship Reference List

Friday, 17 October 2008

Post 50 - The big one...

As promised in my last post, I'm starting on a fairly lengthy process to keep me entertained, and it's to write a guide to almost everything to do with Eve.

These individual guides will be produced as quick as I can find time to get them done (weekends are unlikely, and weekdays will be based around workload) but I've finished the first part - weapon systems of Eve.

I've got plans for future guides on Drones, Tanking, Electronic Warfare, the Market, Scanning and Probing, running a POS, hauling and industrial ships, and also with luck I can include my industry guide I've submitted for EON (though for the benefit of the magazine, I may wait a few weeks until the next issue has been released so as to not ruin it for them) as well as many more.

I'm always looking for interesting things to write about, so if you want to suggest a topic, let me know so I can research it a bit and try it out just incase its something I've not got much practical experience in.

These guides are way too big to be put into a blog post, so I'm linking them on Eve Files as PDF files, so for those that have OCD collection disorder, feel free to grab em for posterity.

Now... these are fairly amateurish, I'm not too good with too many fancy graphics and layouts etc, I'm just wordy, so if anyone wants to help with that and go into joint collaboration, feel free to get in touch either by replying here or sending me an evemail in game, and we can work out a way to get it going ... unfortunately theres no money involved, im just doing this as a project to stave off the boredom, but you get a chance to get your name in joint-lights.

Without further ado - Please find Part 1 of Karox's Guide to Almost Everything in Eve - Weapon Systems

This link has now been updated with a new guide

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Coming soon, Post 50 Extraveganza

Just thought I'd drum up a bit of interest before I go ahead and begin to write it, but to celebrate my 50th post in the blog, I'm going to look into publishing a lengthy guide on pretty much everything I've learned about piloting a ship, which modules do what, and so on, published over several following posts.

You're now reading post number 49... so coming up next (presuming I can get it done before my mind wanders too much and I write something else) is the start of hopefully a long series of reference points, that are useful for all, even those grizzled old vets among us.

It's all part of the service of being a Jack of all trades, I've got a bit of experience in a whole lotta stuff, and may as well pass on the knowledge.

Hope you enjoy it...

Increase in new bloggers and change in here

There has been a massive influx of new bloggers recently, and the Eve Blogroll is now up to over 110 unique blogs I think, and more are usually added every week.

Make sure you either read the browser based link on CrazyKinux's blog (the specific post is linked to the side) or put the OMPL link from Ga'len's blog into your handy-dandy reader software to keep up to date with posts as they happen (again, see the link to the side).

Some of these have only been posting for less than a month, but their few posts are fairly frequent, and very generally very amusing or informative, and well worth a quick scan through in your lunch break or whatever you do when you are generally not playing Eve.

I've also decided to enable anonymous comments once more on my blog - I originally only allowed those with Google accounts to reply, but it's limiting those who dont want to register from having their say. Half the problem is keeping potential spam bots away and/or 'undesirables' (i.e. those that will reply with inflamatory comments for no particular reason) so i'll keep an eye on things and may move back if it's necessary.

Where do you live ?

OK I'm not asking for a grid reference or postcode, in a creepy stalker-like way, but rather where in the universe of New Eden do you live? Maybe no need to be really specific, in case of possible threats of violence for those that want to track you down (thats what locator agents are for to be honest) but I've got a theory that several of the bloggers are Gallente/Minmatar based, since a lot of the blogs seem to discuss systems that I spend a lot of time in or around (Gulfnoodi, Eifer, Ammamake, Oursalert or whatever its called and Dodixie)

I'm based in Minmatar space at the moment, having moved down at an early age from Caldari Space to travel to the Metropolis region, and into Heimatar based around Hek, Eystur and Altrinur when I joined the corp I've been in since day 2 or 3 since I started.

Since then, we have moved away from an industrial focus (Altrinur was our main focus area for mining due to it's abundance of asteroid belts) and moved more towards missioning and combat, so focusing more on the Republic Fleet, which meant moving our HQ to Gulfnoodi in Molden Heath with access to level 2 through to 4 agents specialising in combat missions, and subsequently running several missions out of Emolgranlan where 'Vir the popular' holds his office.

Since I'm creeping slowly into PVP specialised around Gallente space, I'm considering moving an operational base up to Dodixie and Jel (if thats correct, i'm not sure) to have access to the level 3 and 4 missions from there, so I can get some loyalty points, and develop a way to get access to cheap faction ammo from the LP store since buying in faction ammo at sellers rates is sure to bankrupt me sooner than any losses from ships and modules will ever do.

How about you all out there in reader-land?

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Time to earn my wings

... In something a bit more face to face than the NPC pirate bashing and industrial PVP I've been doing so far.

Yes folks, i'm going to throw myself (sometime over the next few days since I cant be sure when I'll have time available, probably Friday) into the hectic world of PVP.

I've already spent whatever meagre profits I'd made from my Tech 2 production ventures on a couple of Thoraxes and the fittings involved, and as well as my Crow Interceptor, my Blackbird ECM boat, and my Vexor cruiser I've had on and off and hardly flew, I'll be exploring lowsec around Molden Heath and Heimatar with hopefully a few corp mates, at least one of which is fairly PVP experienced and is going to be someone im going to be learning the ropes from to survive 'semi solo' with the view to eventually being able to go out alone and survive for longer than 10 minutes.

It's been sorely needed, as I cant remember the last time I logged into Eve with a plan for what to do for the evening, it's typically just been there as a glorified chatroom for me whilst I umm and aah about doing a mission or two, but never really wanting to do one because I've worn myself out of the patience for doing the same thing time and time again.

I don't hope to take much in the way of sec hits, so we might only be hunting pirates, but you never know how things turn out, and we may have to hunt... ahem... 'innocents' if they try it on first.

Monday, 13 October 2008

No more inactive account skill training?

New bit of news recently posted on the Eve online forums:

A long overdue and much needed change will be put in place with the Wednesday, 15 October 2008 patch. Ghost Training, the continuous skill gain on accounts in an inactive or expired state - will no longer function after Wednesday, 15 October 2008. This practice upsets the balance of the game, and capsuleers who actively put their time and energy into working on their characters will no longer be unfairly affected by those few who have not.

Luckily I've never really benefitted from this, as I only managed to gain a few days worth of skill training from doing battlecruisers 3 to 4 when I last quit Eve, I do constantly kick myself that I didn't keep up with the extra 15 million skill points I would have expected to earn during my year off if I kept on popping on and off every 2 months or so as I set the longer skills training.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Are we asking for the impossible?

The corp I'm in has quite a differing background of players, we have all sorts from 4 year old veterans to those who only started playing Eve in the summer.

Back in the day, we were once a member of Electus Matari, a fairly well known Minmatar RP Alliance, who had access to Providence space via links with Ushra'Khan when they had Unity station, which has since been taken over by CVA alliance.

We broke off from EM because as being part of a fairly industrial focused corp back then, we didn't get many benefits from the constant Amarr wars that took place, though I am also told that we didn't get treated as equals in allaince discussion matters even though we provided some of the more capable and experienced pilots whenever group activities were needed (this all happened whilst I was on my year long break from Eve so I cant really comment on this, so don't know for certain what the reason for us falling out with EM actually was)

Since then, we have been looking for an alliance to join who could let us expand our experience in the New Eden universe (i.e. give us access to 0.0 since that is the only area we are not really active in) whilst not creating too much inconvenience for those of us who do not feel ready for a life of combat.

Basically, we are looking for an alliance that would offer the following:

No forced participation for the lower experience players - several of us want to fight over space and have something to protect, but there are some that are very PVP averse and don't want to get involved in moving out to 0.0 and constantly watching their back, though they do want to join in on occasion.

Access to 0.0 space (as theres nothing an empire alliance can offer us except for slightly more expensive wardecs) preferably in the Angel regions (just because thats where we've been based all our existance, so moving all the way across the galaxy is annoying)

Fairly busy (sometimes its a bit boring only having half a dozen corpmates to chat to, its nice to have a room with 100 or more active to get the discussion going)

Anti Piracy ethics (none of us are of the 'kill the innocents' mindset)

Some things that would be nice:

Access to a good 0.0 infrastructure - A soverignty holding alliance would be nice, to have things like jump bridges setup and so on.

European timezone for Alliance - The majority of our members are from Europe, but we do have at least one American, and one New Zealander who are regularly online.

Ultimately, we had a potential chance to join Ushra'Khan directly, but it was vetoed as they generally include 4 permanent wars against Amarr corporations, so that limits where the empire staying people can remain, as they dont want to keep on constantly on the lookout for war targets, and it also makes restocking via empire systems a pain if you cant move anything around without risk of attack.

Does anyone know of any alliances out there that fit the bill ? From what I can see, its a very big wishlist, all the benefits for us with only minimal benefit for the Alliance that would host us. Most of the members do appreciate a good PVP fight if theres something worth fighting over, so for the majority it would mean they would spend a lot of their time in the 0.0 home, people just dont want all of their empire access restricted as well by wars, which limits certain Alliances as already mentioned.

I'm just feeling very trapped at the moment, I don't want to leave the corp I've basically grown up with, but on the other hand, I need something much more involved than 'go to this random deadspace pocket and kill this angel guy for me please' which is what my life revolves around at the moment, I dont have the experience or skills to be able to go randomly out into lowsec or 0.0 and expect to last for too long, so I'm looking for decent PVP minded people to tag along with just to get more experience at that side of the coin whilst im training up the next few dozen skills or so that I want to be happy that i'm giving myself the best chance at surviving.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back to training and making money

At last my focus on Tech 2 manufacture seems to be getting off to a bit of a start, albeit a slow one.

After spending a lot of time training up and sourcing materials etc, I've managed to recoup my starting losses (except for the investment in the Tech 2 component BPO's as thats a lot of cash) and I'm now back in profit again. Of course, as a result of that, it means that my material stocks are running low again and I'm going to have to buy some more useful parts.

I had quite heavily invested in the complex reaction materials that go into producing the Tech 2 components, so much so in fact that after reviewing my BPC's I'd invented, most of the parts couldn't actually be used in parts that were useful for making a profit, which has left me with a back stock of 'non useful' complex reaction components. I'm considering manufacturing the Tech 2 components without any intention of using them for production, and instead to sell them on directly. The downside to this idea is that there is zero movement of the components within the local Molden Heath market, and moving across to Heimatar or Metropolis has been a struggle to sell things for me due to the 'undercutter' effect in Rens and Hek where people will constantly undercut your prices by 0.1 isk just to secure their sale - I don't have the time to spend all day camping my sales orders to make sure i'm competitive every 10 minutes.

After getting most of my production skills to a 'useable' level (i.e. what I call most skills around level 3, since they've broken the 50% bonus effect) and the ones that need to be increased higher up to where it's needed, I've decided to move back towards training up a little more combat focus. I still need to get Astrometrics 5 for probing (I trained level 4 a few days back) but thats quite a long slog, and I don't know if I really want to go that far with it when I've got a skill training list as long as my arm.

At the moment, I'm working on Hull Upgrades 5 so I can equip another type of Tech 2 module (T2 armour resistance modifiers, specifically EANM's for my PVP craft) and then I really need to get back towards my task of getting Gallente Frigates to 5 and Small Hybrid guns and the associated specialisation up for blasters so I can get the Tech 2 guns as well. After that, I want to get rocket and standard missiles specialisation (again, need rockets 5 and missiles 4 and 5) and maybe then work on medium blasters and the associated specialisation. I also want to get a few more levels in Heavy Assault Missiles to get the Tech 2 launchers, and maybe then I will have a decent ship selection for PVP - A Crow or Taranis in the frigate class, a Thorax and Vexor in the cruiser class, and a Drake and Brutix in the battlecruiser class.

I can't imagine going any higher than Battlecruisers for PVP as I have always found battleships to be too big and very unwieldy, but after that I really need to get training for all the specialist cruisers such as the Heavy Assault Ships and Heavy Interdictors, as I've been wanting to fly those since they were introduced. As well as that, since I have a good grounding in ECM and Cloaking, a Falcon would be on my training plan, but since It's regarded as the 'flavour of the month' ship by the time I get to be able to use it, no doubt it will have been reduced in effectiveness by the time I can get skills trained high enough to use it.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hardware Report: Caldari Navy Raven

This wonderful piece of hardware has become my standard way of killing Angels on behalf of the Republic Fleet. Whilst it seems a little strange having a Caldari ship working on behalf of the Minmatar Republic, it does expose my former allegiance before I finally saw the light and moved away from my capitalistic friends and family to join the Minmatar way of life. Since then, I have trained up towards piloting all sorts of ships, both from my Caldari background, my new Minmatar brothers, and their allies the Gallente. I have yet to train any Amarr ships, and at the moment have no interest in them, however their combat prowess can't be ignored, and I may eventually move onto looking into some black market trading with enemies of the Republic to acquire some ships as time goes on.

However, the focus of this report is on the Raven Navy Issue, or more commonly known as the Caldari Navy Raven or CNR. Quite simply the Raven was once the ultimate in missile spewing death machines, and whilst the newly commissioned Golem Marauder can now take that crown, the Raven is the only ship in the reach of many pilots. The CNR is a version that had been souped up by the Caldari Navy specialist engineers to produce at much more deadly killing machine in the process. Improved numbers of weapon points, and improved shielding both compliment the ship to make it much better at the job it's intended to do - fire missiles with the best efficiency at the hulls of enemy ships.

The Navy Raven is usually only available to pilots who fly for the Caldari Navy, but some will quite simply sell their rewards to the highest bidder, and that is how I came to own one of these magnificent beasts. After a very slow 50 jump round trip from Jita and back, I took my newest addition to the arsenal, called Starbird's Triumph in memory of my faithful original Raven, Starbird which was sadly no longer required after the upgrade.

After reviewing options to fit the ship, 2 choices were available:

1) Using capacitor booster charges as I had done with the earlier Raven, and concentrate on doing damage to the enemies faster than they could deplete my shields, and hope that the booster charges would last.

2) Setting up a perment running shield which was designed to no longer need to worry about bulky or expensive capacitor charges, and gave a bit of a fallback in case of emergency.

Ultimately the decision came to one of practicality - using capacitor booster charges typically meant that on the longer missions, I would have to return to station to replace the lost charges, and because of the slow movement speed of the battleships, travelling via the deadspace gates typically took a long time to reach each gate. I much preferred a stable setup.

I had read an experiemental fit which used Capacitor Power Relays to boost capacitor recharge, and whilst this does negatively effect shield boosting by re-routing power from the boost circuits to the capacitor. What it effectively meant was that the shields boosted for less, but there was much more capacitor available to maintain the boost for longer.

In order to maintain the peak shield charge rate I would require to face off against the Angel Cartel pirate ships, I had to invest heavily in Caldari Navy technology once again.

I needed an improved shiled boost amplifier, as I was not able to equip the Tech 2 variety due to insufficient training, I had to find a Caldari Navy variety, which requires a lower level of training, and also provides a greater boost effect than Tech 2, which helps offset the loss from the Power Relays.

Additionally, I needed to boost the offensive ability of the ship, so found 7 Caldari Navy cruise missile launchers, whilst a very significant investment (around 150 times the cost of Tech 2) these provided a much greater increase in rate of fire, and also in load capacity, which meant faster killing, and less time spent recharging, all of which improves peak Damage Per Second.

The final Specification of my ship is as follows:

  • 7x Caldari Navy Cruise Missile Launchers -Able to hit up to a range of over 170km, though skills are limited to approx 85km targetting range without third party boosting support
  • 2x Cap Recharge II
  • XL Shield Booster II and Caldari Navy Shield Boost Amplifier
  • 2x Tech 2 Shield Hardeners - Setup to specialise against the opponent's primary damage type, or general purpose Invulnerability Field II's
  • 2x Ballistic Control System II
  • 2x Capacitor Power Relay
  • 1x Power Diagnostic System II- Providing an increase in shield total, shield recharge, capacitor total, and capacitor recharge, as well as boosting the ships powergrid, however this setup leaves approximately 4,000 MW available, so this is only a minor additional benefit.
  • The drone bay has 5 Medium and 5 Light drones equipped for removal of smaller craft that the pilot may encounter.

This setup does have some room for additional modifications, 1 remaining High power slot will allow some minor adjustment of loadout depending on the user. Capacitor with suitable skills is stable without any outside interference (neutraliser or energy vampire) with -81.6 capacitor draw, and +87.1 capacitor gain ensuring the capacitor remains stable at around 30-40% of max load.

I hope that anyone who has been interested in one of these craft finds this write up helpful, and if anyone has any comments or queries, feel free to drop me a message. Price wise, this ship cost me somewhere in the region of 860 million Isk, and whilst this does seem like a lot to spend on a ship, it has earned its value back already and is now making nothing but profit. I would advise to not use it during wartime as the ship has limited survivability against a sustained pilot attack, but it held up well against a competent corp mate who was testing out the shielding systems, managing to survive against a optimium range Megathron, eventually winning the battle of attrition against the blaster fit ship after several minutes - though against another corp mate with a similarly equipped CNR, the shield dropped in less than a minute, so do not rely on it, if you are out and get attacked, make sure you can bring backup.

The Eve Blog Reference List

Since the 'Official' blog pack has become a bit of a semi-closed shop recently (CK has limited it to 30 members only) it's important to get the names of the lesser known bloggers out there recognised as well, and I've been trying to find a way to get everyones blogs listed without having to go and manually list them all. Fortunately CK has a full list on his personal blog site, but I have just recently learned that Ga'len from 'The Wandering Druid of Tranquility' has done all the legwork and managed to get a reader feed to import all of the blog info into your handy-dandy reader software (PS, for the simple fact its so simple to use and so readily available, I'd reccomend Google Reader for those who still need a one)

It works as an OMPL file which can be loaded into the reader - In Google Reader you simply just go to 'settings' then 'import/export' and point to the file you download from Ga'len's blog.

The Specific post where the blog is mentioned, and will be kept updated I believe is:

Hope you find it as useful as I have done, at the time of writing theres 98 Eve online blogs, ranging from informative, comedic, carebare, pirate and everything in between, i'm sure that everyone will find something to tickle their literary tastebuds.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Observations of the new Autopilot

As part of the Empyrian Age 1.1.1 patch, an autopilot avoidance system was put in where you can manually choose to avoid specific systems. Pre-programmed into this is a system which avoids Jita so as to try and keep down casual 'passers through.'

This was all well and good, except no one mentioned to tell it to the department that maintains the contract system. For every item that is listed as being it Jita, the contracts sytem reported it as being over 2 billion jumps away (2,147,XXX,XXX in total if I remember the first few numbers correctly)

You'd have thought that it would have possibly listed it as unreachable or something, but maybe, just maybe they have moved Jita to the next galaxy over.

Whilst on the subject of Jita, why cant Rens or Hek start getting some of the Jita/Ammar superhub traffic. From my base in Molden Heath, it takes me 26 jumps to reach either of these superhubs, and from looking around at least 10 different regions markets over the past few days pricing up my tech 2 production bits and pieces, only 2 systems in the entire Eve galaxy seem to offer the selection and decent prices, and none of them are easy to get to within a reasonable time in a hauler.

Sometimes I wish I was a multi, multi billionnaire who could buy up half the stock in Jita and Ammar, move it down to Minmatar/Gallente space and tempt people to come there and make up another superhub to save all the time-wasted in travelling.

In other news, I've been approached by Zapatero of EON fame, who has asked me to pen an article for the next issue on my take on how to get into industry, as thats been a major theme of my blog posting recently. If all goes well, and I remember enough about writing to not really embarass myself (the last time I did any writing aside from blogs and forum posts was my University thesis about 10 years go, so I'm a bit rusty with my grammar) hopefully it will appear in issue 14, due out I believe early next year (Issue 13 is due to start shipping this week I think)