Monday, 31 August 2009

Blog Banter 11 - The many heads of the Hydra

It's time for the blog banter again... now I know I didn't take part in last months - to be honest, it was a bit too deep and philosophical for me, plus I had a really bad time with a possible redundancy situation at work (which has now been resolved and I'm keeping my job for the forseeable future) so my mind wasn't really on the game at the time. Should be back to strength for this one though.

This month's banter comes to us from Joe Brusati a long time reader of CrazyKinux's Musing, who asks the following: CCP states that T3 Strategic Cruisers are just the start for the T3 line-up. In future Eve expansions what would you like to see as the next T3 ship type. Please be specific on details about what role this ship would play, cost of manufacturing, and the different modules that would be available for it, and of course you must give your T3 ship a name!

So I guess tech 3 cruisers are a bit of a speciality of mine at the moment, what with my 'still to finish' series on them and the tech 3 building article in the recent EON magazine.

I was racking my brain thinking of something that was new and unique in the universe of eve, and thought 'why has there never been any passenger ships available to transport a few players' ?

Whilst I dont think that a passenger ship would be worthy of the expense and hassle of making a tech 3 ship, my mind wandered back to the cartoons of the 80's where more often than not, the superhero group that the show revolved around had a ship that was made of many constituent parts, which all joined together to make a larger, more powerful ship. This is the basis of my proposal - the Hydra (and just for the record, I dont really mean Power Rangers, I'm thinking about the big transformers that were made of lots of smaller transformers, or possibly even Voltron... but I guess Power Rangers count as well)

As everyone with a knowledge of mystical creatures knows, the Hydra is a beast with 5 heads... and thats the basis of my design.

4 pilots control an individual frigate sized ship, which are constructed as a completely independant ship, but without any 'subsystems' as such, each ship would be a subsystem. The price for each of these ships would be around about the price of a current tech 3 subsystem (40-50 million ideally) and be equal in power to an assault ship. A fifth pilot would control a cruiser sized ship, which was about equivalent to a HAC type assault ship individually, and be around about the same price (100-150 million or so) which would also act as the central host ship.

Each of the pilots could then fly within 2km of the host (or be together in station) to form a larger ship, which is about the equivalent in ability to a command ship.

Now for the complicated bit - how to determine the power of the ship. Obviously you couldn't use the individual weapon systems of the component ships, as you would end up with lots of frigate sized guns. In my view, the host ship (and therefore cruiser sized weapons) should determine what the fittings are on the resultant ship - the individual smaller ships which connect to it will provide bonuses based on the joint skill levels of all pilots involved. The host ship needs an interfacing skill which will allow up to 4 of the smaller ships to connect (level 1 skill to use your own ship, each level after that to add one additional ship) and each of the smaller ships can contribute towards a bonus towards engineering, propulsion, defence and offence in a smilar way to the current subsystem skills.

The real benefit of this ship over a single man tech 3 ship would be that you could potentially have up to 20 levels of skill bonuses (up to level 5 in each category by each subcomponent ship pilot) to provide a greater bonus than what is offered at the moment, making a much more deadly ship, with the obvious risk involved in that one person controls the risk for 5 pilots.

Much like the subsystem choices with the current tech 3 ships, each of the frigate type ships would contribute different bonuses, but it would need a bit of testing to make sure that 4 pilots contributing towards a 'armour hitpoint' boost wouldn't make it have rediculous amounts of armour, much as we have seen with tech 3 ships, you can have upwards of 400,000 hitpoints with the correct modules and implants, you wouldn't want a battlecruiser sized ship with the same defences as a titan for instance!

I'm still undecided if the individual pilots could control invididual weapons/systems of the host ship, or if this would be too unwieldy to organise, and if the 4 other pilots would play no real part in the running of the larger 'combined' ship other than being additional eyes for the host to keep him informed of whats happening around him/her.

So there you have it... an idea born from too many years watching cartoons in my youth... I'm really interested in seeing what others have dreamt up.

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Friday, 21 August 2009

BPO seeding locations

Does anyone know how you go about finding the NPC stations for a particular BPO these days?

I used to just look on Chruker's data dump site, but I cant find anything on there, and there doesnt seem to be any info on the Eve item database linked to the main forum either, so I'm presuming they took that info off the data dump.

Obviously im looking for the rig blueprints, but I was looking up the 'old' rig blueprints (i.e. prior to them getting size specific) since none of the sites have the latest information on them.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tech 3 Cruiser - Proteus

Its that time again... time for another infamous PDF upload.

This time, we concentrate on the Proteus, one on hand, the most devastating medium blasterboat available, and on the other, the poorest cruiser sized droneboat ever designed.

You can see the guide in all of its glory in the link below:

Proteus Guide

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Expanding my horizons a bit

In a break from Eve related news (kind of) I've just upgraded my computer - no longer am I running on the couple-of-year old HP laptop which has satisfied my Eve craving for all this time, I've now reverted back to having a desktop. An Acer Aspire Predator 7200 gaming rig (yeah boo, hiss should have made my own up from bits, but I was feeling lazy and it was on a sale)

Because of the added computing power I've upgraded to though, I've got a few more up and coming games that I want to give a go:

Aion - I've signed up for this, was hoping to get in on this weekends closed beta event, but thanks to the terrible download speed I get from my ISP (Sky) during the day, theres no way that the client would be downloaded in time - its currently sitting at 85% downloaded after the better part of 2 solid days on the go... so much for the '5 hours' it first estimated when I was getting 400kb/sec first thing on Saturday morning.

So it seems that I'll be in Aion when open beta comes around (pretty sure thats due soon after the closed beta events finish) on or before September.

I've also gotten signed up for Champions Online - though again, just a preorder at the moment, but that is going to come in DVD format to install rather than try and download it after the experience of Aion. Problem is that theres a great offer for Champions online that lets you get a life long subscription for about a 1 year cost... but in order to get it, you need to have taken this option before the 1st September when the game goes live.

With the pre-orders supposedly getting a 'head start' entry on the 28th of August, it does give a day or two to test the game before making the decision to drop the better part of £140 on a lifetime subscription, but knowing the uselessness of the british postal service, I'll probably not get the game until after the 1st of September and by then it'll be too late. Dunno if I should take the gamble and go for it - everyone whos played in the Beta who I know has said it's a fun game and definately should keep anyone entertained for at least a year, so the lifetime subscription should pay for itself.

I've also been getting hold of a slightly older game in the form of Dawn of War II (warhammer 40k spinoff computer game) which should satisfy my strategy cravings for a little while. The beauty of that supposedly is that its got a good online system/community which is what I always look for in games these days (I never really have much interest in offline 1-player games anymore, I get bored without some human contact after years of MMOs) so I'll see where that takes me after I learn how the game works a bit more.

Add to that I'm also discovering the joys of Quake Live (oddly enough even though its just a browser based version of Quake, my HP laptop really struggled with the framerate on it, and its taken getting the new PC to really make it shine) to give me a bit of an FPS fix means I'm covered for the forseeable future with pretty much all genres of games I've got an interest in.

Now I just need a few long skills I've got planned in Eve to finish as well so I can try something new I've had queued up for a while, and it seems that over the next few months I'll be a very busy bunny indeed.

I suppose the question for anyone out there in blog reader land is whos planning on joining me in any of these games? I'm looking for Europeans preferably so im not sitting there like the lonely old soul in the corner of a new party trying to find someone to chat to so I can make friends... I always prefer to drag my own company along and get everyone traipsing to be friends with me - I always find its easier to get groups when you have 2-3 people as the backbone of any group trying to find 1-2 more, rather than running around trying to find groups of random pickups.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Legion Guide - At last

Sorry for the delay between posts, between getting sent away and following up on the few days of missed work, everythings been a bit hectic over here.

Without further ado, heres the Tech 3 Legion guide:

Up next, quite possibly my favourite of the ships, the Gallente Proteus - a ship that with the correct setup has the punch of a Diemos, with the survivability of a Phobos... im sure theres a Life on Mars reference in there somewhere.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Quick updates

Firstly... to do with Eve... I've been on the test centre to check out the material requirements for the new rigs, and I must say, they look very nice... should be a nice little production sideline in the near future, since my alt character can make the small ones without any waste reductions at the moment (I only got the alt to PE4)

Seondly... to do with the blog - Sorry I've not updated the guides on the Tech 3 cruisers yet, I've been meaning to do the Legion for a few days now (im about 2/3 through it), but, as you'll see with point 3, its been a bit difficult

Thirdly (yeah you can tell I was getting to this from my last point above)... I've just been given a new contract to work on at work, which sort of dropped in my lap at very short notice (last Thursday) so I've been working hard to get that set up, which means I didnt have much chance to work on my Legion guide. On the plus side, it means I'll be travelling to Dubai for a meeting next week, so I won't have much chance to do anything until the end of next week at the earliest.

So anyway... goodbye rainy Britain, hello sunny Dubai for a few days at least. Should hopefully go a long way to recharging the flagging batteries.