Friday, 5 June 2009

New war again

Sorry for not posting much at the moment, got a bit of writers block - well actually, I've been putting the finishing touches on a couple of articles for EON, but I really dont like writing mundane, boring 'well today I went to Rens, I bought a gun, oh... and a loaf of bread' type posts.

We were wardecced yesterday by a pirate group based out of Decon who have recently been specialising in highsec Hulk ganks. Nothing spectacularly new there, but I think when we started camping them on the gate to stop them coming in, they got a bit upset and wardecced us.

All well and above board many will say... however it's annoying for me as they seem to be on an american timezone, and once again, it seems that we will be involved in another war where I might only see about an hour of action every day before sleep claims me... and in that hour we may only have a glimpse of enemy ships for a minute of that time when they pop over to us and try to bait us to fall into their traps.

Oh well, I guess its one of the hardships one must bear in corporate life (not the threat of getting killed when out doing my own thing... but the total boredom waiting for your war target to log in.)


Altaree said...

Hell, you should see the twits that war dec the E-Uni. They have 5 guys and 3 ships and think they can take fleets composed of 20-30 rabid noobs looking for their first kill.... sigh..

xiphos83 said...

One reason why I left high-sec, garbage war decs from garbage corporations. Best of luck. Make plenty of bookmarks and keep an eye on local!

Anonymous said...

Having dealt with the Decon a-holes before, you have my sympathy. Shoot the hell out of them. They'll leave, and go back to ganking noobs that the Balle storyline agent sends them.

Absolutely some of the laziest pirates I've ever run into.