Wednesday, 30 December 2009

One Man and His Spaceship - now with added 28mm

That title might be a bit bewildering for anyone who has never played with table top miniatures before, but basically 28mm is the size for the Games Workshop brand of plastic/pewter miniatures that I used to use years and years ago, before I came to Eve.

Years and years have passed, and I've been asked to get involved with it all again by a friend... so of course, I've started a new blog to track what I'm doing in there as well - technology eh, ain't it great.

You can go see more at:

One Man and His Paintbrush


Kirith Kodachi said...


I played 40K for 15 + years before finally leaving it when the twins were born about two years ago.

Don't go back to the insanity.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the anonymous post, but I've only been following the eve blogs since a mate of mine started (Seismic Stan freebooted blog). Anyhoo just thought I'd suggest, if you're being lured back to GW stuff, you and your mate should take a look at the warmaster game system, it's still warhammer but 5mm scale. It's a little cheeper (I think) with a rules set that's less rules lawyer'ish.

Long Jack