Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I am allowed to change my mind... aren't I?

Since my last post was all about my goals, and where I want to go with my character, I've decided to change my mind - I want to continue to work on my combat skills.

Still working towards the Exhumer and Covert ops goal, but I've come up with a skill plan for a perfect missioning Raven after getting back into doing Level 4 missions again and remembering how profitable they are.

Therefore using optimum training time (which I'm not, im still jumping around doing small duration skills whilst I'm online and letting longer ones run) I'm looking at the following:

Covert Ops - 22 Days
Exhumers - 51 Days
Missioning Raven - 63 Days

Though on one hand, the Raven mission setup gets me into Tech 2 cruise launchers, which would be handy for the Covops build as well if I want to set my mind towards Stealth Bombers... so in it's own little way, all my training wraps up together in a nice little package.

I still need to train my gunnery skills, as missiles are fairly poor for PVP combat, so I can imagine a PVP fittings plan coming together soon... maybe.

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