Thursday, 19 June 2008

Welcome aboard

Hi all... just thought i'd do the intro post to welcome you to a new project of mine - blogging about my experiences in EVE Online.

This is the second time I've attempted to get into the game, after leaving over a year ago because of commitments I had with World of Warcraft basically meaning that I couldnt spend any more of my spare time doing much else, I got really nostalgic for EVE when I heard about the newest expansion, The Empyrian Age (especially since World of Warcraft is a distant blip on the horizon of life now)

I moved from WoW to Guild Wars, and had a bit of fun in that for a fair while, spent a bit of time playing on my Xbox 360 as well, but something always drew me back to 'proper' MMORPGS and the one that had caught my eye as something that little bit different was EVE Online.

So a week or so since I re-subscribed... this is my ongoing story...


CrazyKinux said...

Ok mate, you'll be added to the EVE Blog Pack. Don't forget to blog regularly and comment on others pack members' blog.

Also, if you could add a blogroll with the list of pack members and also make a post referring to the original blog pack post on CK's Musing!

Welcome the the pack mate!


Karox Lominax said...

Will do :)

CrazyKinux said...

I need your email address mate. Can't find it anywhere!

Drop me one at CrazyKinux [@]