Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The 7 Facts Meme - continued

Seems that I have been tagged by Ombey so best get my bit in before work kicks in tomorrow.

Firstly, the small print:
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Some (probably less than interesting, but you never know) facts about me:

1) My birthday is the same day as my uncle, who isnt very famous as far as I can gather, but also Tina Turner, who is a bit more famous, or so I've been told.

2) I've never been out of the UK on a recreational visit, and the furthest I've been on business is to Italy, so im strictly European.

3) My work however, has me dealing a lot with customers in the Middle East - yet I've never been there to visit the sites I help build.

4) The town I live in has had quite a few celebrities live in it - classically, the ancestors of George Washington (the American President) and also Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame. Also it seems that Alex Kapranos from Franz Ferdinand was raised there when he was very young. Our most 'infamous' celebrity export seems to be Heather Mills though (Paul McCartney's ex wife)

5) As well as my work, I voluntarily run (Treasurer and Bar Licensee) a Community Centre, which keeps me usually more busy than I can imagine at times.

6) I put on a fair bit of weight at university (the before and after pictures are scary sometimes when I look at them) and I really cant shift it back off again since then... its strange though as my weight never really changes otherwise, it hardly goes up either since I left university.

7) The most uncharacteristic thing I've ever done is voluntarily pay £100 at very short notice to do a bungee jump for charity (a friend of mine was doing it, he managed to get sponsorship, which was the main intention of the day, but I had a bit of a daredevil moment and ponied up the cash on the day to take part) - It's uncharacteristic as i'm petrified of heights, and can't even climb a ladder unless it's secured and won't wobble.

Now comes the hard Part, finding 7 bloggers to link to... most of my regular reads have been linked to already, but for the sake of trying to find someone whos not been linked with (and I hope people havent linked them since I put this post up:)

(OK, the last one is a bit of a naughty one, since he's already been linked, but its only fair I include him, hes been commenting on a lot of my posts recently, and the other blogs I follow that don't comment on my posts as much had already been mentioned)

(Unfortunately the commenting on their blogs to inform them will have to wait until tomorrow morning, as it's getting a bit late now, so if you notice your name on here, please link back to it)


PsycheDiver said...

7 sounds cool. Tell us about it sometime.

Karox Lominax said...

A friend came to me about 3 months before the event wanting sponsorship for a bungee jumping session that was going to charity. They asked for a minimum sponsorship of £100 for the session to cover the insurance costs and suchlike and to ensure that the charity got something out of it (I cant even remember what charity it was for now unfortunately)

It was to be held on a big crane in the car park of a pub we usually went to, so of course, the day rolled around, it was nice and sunny on a saturday, so 2 pints down and I started to think I wouldnt mind having a go at that. After seeing about a dozen people go diving, I went to the organisers and asked to take part and dashed off to the cash machine to get the money.

My friend went up and did his jump, and I joined the queue about 3 spaces after him, with a few more people joining up later behind me who had came to the event late with their sponsorship, or had decided to go and pay themselves.

The jump wasnt the classic 'tied by your feet' bungee, but the 'full body harness' one that is tied to your back, so some people see it as a bit of a cop out, and it was from a tall crane rather than off a bridge or whatever the usual method is seen on movies, but it was still damned high (although it was interesting to be able to look down and see your house on the horizon, which is about 5 miles from the pub.)

Anyway, I did my jump, shaking like a leaf at the top of the basket, but in the end, I just decided that there was nothing to fear since so many had done it before me, and lept off.

Bounced once or twice on the way down, and eventually came to a rest and lowered down to the ground, I think my heart started beating again about 30 seconds later.

Someone got hurt a few jumps after when they paniced and grabbed onto the rope, giving them a pretty severe rope burn as they twisted and got caught slightly, but that was the only accident in the day, it can't have been too bad since there were 2-3 jumps after the accident to finish the event, by then I had a few more drinks to calm my nerves and wasn't paying quite as much attention to the people falling down as trying to not fall down myself.

Ombey said...

INteresting about the Bungee. I really don't like heights either, but jumping out of a plane was do-able, whereas I'd never do a Bungee. Maybe 'cos the ground is closer and more tangible...