Wednesday, 28 January 2009

An old guide updated, and something new

As promised in my earlier post, I have updated and re-uploaded the Tanking guide to incorporate some Quantum Rise info and add a few bits / clear up some ambiguity, as well as adding a new guide for Capital Ship Production.

I'm not sure if the Capital Ship guide can be describes as either 'too little information' or 'concise' but it seems to be a bit too short for my likes, however I seem to have covered everything that I need to do for the guide as far as I can think.

This is where you, humble reader, step in. If theres anything that you need more information on, let me know as the guide doesnt go into detailed information on exactly how the production system works in Eve as that was already covered in my Eon article, but I appreciate that many people may not read that, but on the other hand I have to respect the request that was made to me to keep the guide exclusive. As well as that more obvious omission, there could be other isses that I have just forgot about since I do this sort of thing day to day now and the commonality of it all seems to mean that I forget some obvious things that others may need to know.

So let me know if you need any more information.

And after that bit of rambling on, on to the guides:

Tanking, Version 2

Capital Ship Production

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PsycheDiver said...

As always, I'm grateful.

I've been showing some of the guides you've made to the wife. The ones that are non-pew-pew relevant. She says they're well-written for those who know nothing about EVE.