Thursday, 15 January 2009

Phew, im glad thats over.

Not much of an update today, but best post to just say that I've finally gotten Caldari Cruiser 5, my first rank 5 cruiser skill.

Unfortunately the ships I can access with it at the moment are fairly pitiful at best (OK, maybe I can spring for a Cerberus to give it a go, but its hardly a world changing ship) but its working towards my skills for the Nighthawk I've been aiming for.

I'm now working on Battlecruisers 5, which is another long, boring skill, and then after that, going to work more on Heavy missiles which have been left behind a bit for Cruise training when I moved into my CNR.

Then maybe get back to working on Gallente Frigates, Gallente Cruisers and Gunnery Skills which could end up actually being useful for something in PVP, and maybe also getting back to training up industrial stuff as well, since I've been meaning to get Refining 5 and Refinery Efficiency up a few levels for about oh, 3 months now.


Ombey said...

Gratz on Cruiser 5, it does open up a lot of doors, and it's a handy level to have for just T1 cruisers anyway

Manasi said...

gratz on that indeed I am slugging my way towards that one myself then I will have minmatar cruiser 5 and caldari cruiser 5...the only problem is that I lack is the inability to fit T2 missiles or T2 large guns do not forget them or your flying a very expensive ship that cannot do much :(

PsycheDiver said...

Those are some skills I need to work towards. Not looking forward to it.

Congrats on completing Caldari Cruiser V.