Friday, 21 August 2009

BPO seeding locations

Does anyone know how you go about finding the NPC stations for a particular BPO these days?

I used to just look on Chruker's data dump site, but I cant find anything on there, and there doesnt seem to be any info on the Eve item database linked to the main forum either, so I'm presuming they took that info off the data dump.

Obviously im looking for the rig blueprints, but I was looking up the 'old' rig blueprints (i.e. prior to them getting size specific) since none of the sites have the latest information on them.


Brutus said...

I've traveled a few regions (and by that I mean I logged in alts there) looking for the new prints. Here's what I know so far:

+ energy/cap rigs - pretty much anywhere
+ armor rigs - Amarr space
+ astronautic rigs - bought mine at a Minmatar station (it was in The Forge, some Core Complexion station)
+ drone rigs - Creodron stations have them. There are quite a few of those outside gallente space too.
+ gun/missile rigs - the respective faction's space
+ shield rigs - caldari space; also it'd make sense to find those in minmatar space too.

Karox Lominax said...

Cheers for that... I looked in both Molden Heath and Heimatar yesterday and couldnt find any for sale anywhere (other than the resellers with 1000% mark ups of course)

Letrange said...

you need to check metropolis - core conection (sp?) is who you are looking for for min stuff.

Karox Lominax said...

Yeah, after a bit more searching, I've actually found most of the BPOs in heimatar within a few jumps, so its all good... only need to track down the energy weapon ones and armour ones, which arent available anywhere in minnie space it seems.

Henrik said...

I was able to find all of the new medium and small rig BPOs (except for energy weapon and armor) in Metropolis, at the CreoDron station in Josekorn, the Thukker Mix station in Elgoi, and the Ishukone station in Altrinur.

There's a Thukker Mix station in Altrinur but I don't know if they sell them as well; I had already gotten a few in Elgoi before I helped a friend get the rest in Altrinur.

Hope this helps.

Karox Lominax said...

Yeah I found quite a lot of them at Onga, in the Creodron station there, and the rest (except energy weapons and armour) in either a Tukker tribe or Kaikatolla (or however you spell that) station within 2 jumps either side of there.

Had to go all the way to Domain region to get the Energy Weapons and Armour rigs, only to find that one of the small energy weapon rigs hadn't been seeded yet.

Anonymous said...

I look up the BPO I want on BPOCalc:

In addition to the other useful information, it lists all the NPC Corporations that sell the BPO.