Monday, 10 August 2009

Legion Guide - At last

Sorry for the delay between posts, between getting sent away and following up on the few days of missed work, everythings been a bit hectic over here.

Without further ado, heres the Tech 3 Legion guide:

Up next, quite possibly my favourite of the ships, the Gallente Proteus - a ship that with the correct setup has the punch of a Diemos, with the survivability of a Phobos... im sure theres a Life on Mars reference in there somewhere.


jamenta said...

Awesome guide Karox. I'm also especially looking forward to your guide on the PROTEUS. A ship I want so bad ... someday *maybe*.

Rakanishu said...

Cool guide man. And yes I'm a gallente man myself and the proteus is just pure lego ship sexiness.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Wow great guides, I enjoy very much.

Write for the Tengu, then the Proteus ;)

Karox Lominax said...

The Tengu guide was the first one I did, you can get it from:

Or more directly: