Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Back to school again

I've joined up with Eve Uni as of last night to try my hand at teaching, it may as well go hand in hand with the massive project of guides production I've set my mind to.

I'm still finding my feet with the massive information overload that always comes with getting into brand new forums and finding my way around, but so far, it looks nicely organised even if it takes me 3 links to find something by going to the wrong place twice (you know, it was sort of like that for me in real uni too for the first week or so)

I've got to present a speech based class in order to cement my place which should be an interesting task, since I'm ususally fairly quiet in speech chat simply because of my accent (proud Mackem, or one of the various derivatives of North East England for anyone who doesnt understand the term) so most people who arent local really struggle to understand me when I'm speaking - its why I learned to type really fast.

Anyway, I'll have to try and think of a way to make the class a bit more unique for me rather than just doing 'same old same old' so that should be another interesting challenge in itself.

More updates as I get more accustomed to the new place.


Dee Carson said...

Welcome! More instructors and mentors are always welcome! I look forward to seeing your finished guides.

Dee Carson

Manasi said...

AWESOME! That is a great accomplishment indeed bro! On the topic of accents, our alliance commander is Italian and while we may in our American way snicker when he butchers some words(very few mind you)..we all hop to and jump when he says jump. It is not the voice that makes the commander it is the thought and the expression of that thought, whether in writing or in voice.

~GL and enjoy teaching

Zhent said...

Grats! The only suggestion I can make to you is to talk slowly. I know, I know, everyone in public speaking says it, but talk slower. No, slower than that even! :) I'm sure it will go great, well done.

Anonymous said...

Great for you! Teaching is a fulfilling experience and hopefully it is for you as well. If you ever want to cross over and join Agony, we have cookies, delicious cookies.

James Egan said...

I really like EVE University (and Agony Unleashed *points at Xiphos*). The idea of having dedicated training corps is something really unique in the MMO world, and I personally view it as a distinguishing feature of EVE... that players can put together something as cohesive as this within a game. Essentially, creating institutions and building on them.

Congrats on your appointment as an instructor with EVE-Uni.