Monday, 3 November 2008

Guide Part 5 - An overview of the POS

POS's are generally myserious beasts for those that do not understand them. I hope this basic guide can go some way to raising the general level of understanding on the subject.

This Guide has now been updated

I have very little practical experience with a POS beyond day to day use in lowsec, so there could be some errors with the 0.0 uses, so if there is anything really obvious I've missed, let me know.


PsycheDiver said...

All new to me. Great work!

Manasi said...

Hey bro nice article here are some thoughts from my interactions with POS operations:
1) We found our POS ahve enough fuel for about 3 weeks of operations when fully running on a large caldari tower
2)One tactic we used is anchor items around that you might use ( IE invention labs) but only turn them on when we use em)
3) reinforced mode on many tower we see in Stain/Esoteria have a max of 36/37 hours of reinforced time...never seen one yet at 24 ( due to tactical reasons 23 hours is common as is 34 hours
4) ship maintenance arrays are a PAIN in the ass as if you are not near a hangar array ( anchored within 5KM IIRC) switching modules and crap can be woefully slow and painful)

All in all a kick ass guide!

Karox Lominax said...

Thanks for the comments. If I'm honest I've never been involved with fuelling a pos, only gathering bits for it, so i'm not up to speed with the available time in the hangar array, but I'd heard around a week.

Using offline items is a good tactic, I mentioned it with guns, but other labs and items are a good idea as well.

I'll take your word on the stront bay capacity, again, I just got the stuff, didn't know how long it would last.

As for the ship maintenance arrays, I never even considered about having a hangar nearby to swap out modules in the hangar bay, I just thought it was for swapping out things you have on you, for example putting a repper in when you need to recover armour losses. I've always been lucky enough to have a station in the same system as the POS so never had to worry about that.

Karox Lominax said...

From what I can see from the POS fuel planner I saw, theres 19 days of fuel and about 40 hours of stront capacity with a full load.

Gunner said...

Just wanted to stop in and thank you for these guides -- this one in particular. They've been a very good and enjoyable reference for me and others I'm sure. Keep it up!