Monday, 24 November 2008

Guide Part 8 - R&D and Invention

Here's the next installation of the continuing guide.

After seeing a lot of requests from people in Eve Uni who were interested in Invention, I've penned this guide as a nice reference point.

Of course, I hope everyone has some benefit from it as well.

Click the link to get the guide itself


Anonymous said...

Do you have any roadmap of incoming guides? I, personally, am looking forward to read scouting/scanning guide.

Karox Lominax said...

Unfortunately no, I tend to just go randomly depending on what I feel like at the time. Im avoiding things that are heavily guided already such as mining and exploration since theres loads of information out there already. I'll see what I can do by the way of scouting and scanning (presuming you mean the on board scanner, not exploration)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I meant board scanner. Exploration is pretty much covered.
And thanks btw, you're doing great job.

Jaggins said...

Very helpful, thanks for the hard work!