Saturday, 7 February 2009

A Nice bit of T3 Speculation

Well it seems that everyone in the blogging community is buzzing about 3 subjects - the BoB/Goons fallout, wormholes, and T3 ships, since they were announced to be going on the test server at the weekend (and hastily pushed back afterwards to Monday of next week I believe)

They have released the names of the 'base hulls' for each of the races, bearing in mind that at initial release there has been confirmed that there will only be a cruiser sized hull available:

The Caldari Varient will be called Tengu
The Amarr Varient will be called Legion
The Gallente Varient will be called Proteus
The Minmatar Varient will be called Loki

These all have a baseline in 'shapeshifting' characters from various myths and legends from Japanese mythology, the Bible, Greek mythology and Norse mythology.

The first batch of T3 test pieces on Singularity will only be Caldari based models (though there will be 4 raical varients, they will all look the same) and much as with the recent QR mods, the test server will be changed a lot, so people who take part will notice many dynamic changes over the weeks to come.

I've got an inkling of which skills may be needed if they are not releasing new skills for the ability to build the ships (flying you can probably guarantee there will be a new skill released) and if its true, I'll need to look into investing in a skill that is fairly expensive at the moment, and is very rarely used - of course, its a bit of a gamble since the skill may come down massively in price once it comes to be more commonly needed and the supply picks up - or I could be completely off base and waste money on a skill I wouldnt have any use for at all.

Not sure how much information is going to be on Sisi over the next few days, but since I always struggle to get it activated and log in (seriously, I've never been on there yet, I can never figure out how to access it) I can only hope that theres enough information posted in the general blog/forum world to get me up to speed.


Geaux Tiger said...

Check out scrapheap-challenge's forum for some pics of the T3 ship models to be used. Some of the folks went into the files from the SiSi download and extracted them along with some of the possible new NPC ship models.

Karox Lominax said...

Yeah, seen that - have to say, the Caldari skins look absolutely top notch, and if the Gallente look keeps its usual colour scheme it should look... different with all the lumps and bumps. I think they should be coloured pink and float around like space brains though :)

The Minnie model looks good as well for a change, im just hoping the textured version lives up to the potential that the model has shown us.

Anonymous said...

Karox I wrote a how to on my blog ( search for test server) but I'll keep it simple. Create a new folder copy EVE into this folder. Create a shortcut. Edit the shortcut to include the server address. Launch this new eve client. look at the bottom right corner for the build number. Go to the download the patches page push in what version you want to patch to ( they normally keep three versions there)

A better walk through is here: