Sunday, 17 May 2009

Considering retirement

OK... OK before you all jump and scream about me leaving Eve (or you maybe couldn't care less, I dunno) - I'm not.

What I am considering is removing Karox from active combat duty, and passing the buck to my alt, whos skills are now approaching somewhat useful levels in order to go out and PVP with.

Karox's skill training list to improve his industrial side is massively long, and if I start looking at decent PVP skills as well, the skill list of stuff I would like stretches into several years.

Lomara, my newer character has trained lots and lots of the background skills for PVP (gunnery / missiles / navigation / thermodynamics type skills) and is fairly well progressed in Minmatar frigates.

I originally planned on having Karox specialised in Caldari and Gallente ships, whilst Lomara trains up in Minmatar and Amarr ships, but instead, since the 'utility skills' transfer over equally well, I've come up with a year long plan to get Lomara skilled up in each weapon system (basically, adding hybrids to her current skill plan) and all races cruisers up to HAC's and Recons, and Tech 1 battlecruisers and battleships.

Still undecided if I want to progress Lomara into Command ships, but that is still planned for Karox, where he can hopefully get into his ship to provide fleet bonuses - I have no interest in training leadership skills on Lomara, at least not in the near future.

Karox of course will still retain some combat viability with the ships/skills he has (Caldari and Gallente up to HACs and Recons) and I'll be looking to improve his gunnery/missile skills somewhat between industry type stuff, but the majority of my combat will be done on Lomara, where she wont have many 'wasted' skillpoints pushing her clone costs up into the next bracket for the odd chance that she does die.


Latro said...

While I definitely swap out among three characters to keep things fresh, keep in mind that if your alts are on the same account, you are gimping your main to train up the alt. I finally got to the point that I wanted one of my alts to have a "serious" career and ended up getting a second account. Now I can swap out to do bad things while keeping my original main moving on up that training ladder.

Karox Lominax said...

I've ran 2 accounts for quite a while now, the alt account hasn't really been doing much other than sitting in station training skills at until the last few weeks or so though.