Sunday, 10 May 2009

Anyone know what happened to the mixed size rigs?

I've been looking into rigs as a new profit making venture, and if im honest, looking to cut down the cost of actually fitting them to my ships by making them myself using bits off the market.

Now unfortunately, theres a) very little profit in rigs and b) that makes them damned expensive still.

Whats the point of fitting a couple of 15 million isk rigs to a 20 million isk ship? It would be nice if there were frigate specific, cruiser specific and battleship specific rigs to complement each ship hull size. Im sure there was something else said about that around about the time that Quantum Rise was due to be released, along with the massively overhyped 'industrial change' patch, when all we got was an Orca and a speed rebalance.

Anyway, call me well and truly miffed at yet another 'decent CCP idea' that seems to have just been swept under the carpet.

In other news, my wallet is quite a bit lighter now sent in the direction of a Mr John Rourke for thanks in producing Clear Skies 2... im busy downloading it now.


Anonymous said...

I wonder the same thing. I console myself with the knowledge that the sails on Viking ships were often worth several times as much as the ship itself, so there's some historical justification for strapping a 3 million isk AB to 600,000 isk Kestrel...

Altaree said...

This would be a good time to pitch the idea to the CSM. Maybe even get it to be a campaign issue.