Thursday, 9 July 2009

EON 16 Errata

Thankfully, its CCP's fault this time...

No doubt you may all be aware, but a few days before EON 16 was shipped out of the door, CCP released a patch which adjusted several factors to do with Tech 3 manufacturing.

It seems that its possible to get more than 3 runs now on a Tech 3 blueprint - i'm still trying to find out exactly what the effects are from the patch, but I've seen a few 10 run subsystem blueprints, so im not sure if thats the new default (I've only seen 10 run or 3 runs on the contracts at the moment, I'd appreciate some confirmation from anyone who may have done some reverse engineering since the patch)

Update: Seems that the new blueprint rates are 20 run for intact relic-run reverse engineering jobs, 10 runs for Malfunctioning relic run RE jobs, and 3 run for Wrecked relic run RE jobs - at least for subsystems anyway... still waiting to find out the breakdown of figures for the ship hulls. Theres still some issues with it as per Letrane's comments below though.

Secondly, the material requirements for the 'Fulleroferocene Power Conduits' has changed - the 4 units of Carbon-86 Epoxy Resin have been removed from the blueprint, and instead 10 units of 'Scandium Metallofullerene' have been added in its place.

You never know... maybe next time I put an article in EON, hopefully CCP wont change things just prior to it coming off the presses.


Letrange said...

it depends on what relic you use for the reverse engineering: Wrecked give you 3 runs

Subsystem wise Malfs give you 10 run for all subsystems except propulsion which give you 8 runs

Don't ask, I'm not sure I want to know.

Karox Lominax said...

Ahh great thanks for the info.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Great work on Karox, keep it up!

After going through your past articles, they really put me back in the game!