Wednesday, 24 September 2008

All quiet...

... on the northern, southern, eastern and western fronts. In fact, we haven't heard a peep out of our war targets aside from a 2 people warping in and quickly out of the system on the first night it was active.

That may be partly because we have been spending a lot of time in lowsec recently chasing down a few pirate corporations (well... not me, i'm out there at the moment because its the best place to get research slots, but i'm watching the action with interest since im running around in my covops ship and running intel) and I don't honestly believe our would-be attackers would ever dare go out to where they couldn't dictate the fights.

In other news, I've finally sold one of the covetors. OK, i'm not a billionnaire overnight (in fact I noticed my wallet drop from 1.05 billion isk down to 104 million over the past few weeks whilst I've been investing in starting up my production operation) but I've now got a few Tech 2 BPCs to produce, which is where the decent money is hopefully going to lie. I just need a few more days training to get the skills up to where I need so I can manufacture things.

Now of course, the main issue is actually getting the components to finish off the tech 2 manufacture - now that Jita has been effectively closed to all but the first few hundred pilots on every day, it would be a struggle to get the components at their best possible price - I may have to investigate some alternate locations over the coming days as I approach 'tech 2 go time.'

After that, I've been telling myself I'm going to spend some time working on my scanning/probing skills since they have been sitting there half finished for weeks, and I really need to get back to improving my combat effectiveness, even minor skirmishes against corpmates for PVP practice usually end up with me running the other way - of course, those guys are all 4 year or more veterans so I do have a bit of a skillpoint disadvantage, but on the other hand, its always good to learn by being thrown in at the deep end, it's how I learned to swim after all, and I haven't drowned yet.


Letrange said...

/me whispers
Researched component bpos - just buy the advanced materials - they are available outside Jita.

Karox Lominax said...

Yeah I bought a full set, at around 10 mil each (all over-researched, they are at ME 100 and ME50, much more than is needed, but never mind, they were still the cheapest on the market) - where do you think I managed to spend over 900 million in a month on getting my industrial setup goung, ive only spent about 400 mil on minerals.

Problem is buying in the complex reaction products from outside Jita is still fairly expensive, at least when I priced them up on Eve central, I've not spent too long flying around checking system to system yet.

Karox Lominax said...

.. and thats also why I need a lot more skill training, you need level 3 in pretty much every research based science skill to manufacture the T2 components from the BPO.