Friday, 12 September 2008

Friday morning update

Unfortunately not much to say today, but I'm bored at work so need something to bring me back from the doldrums.

Skill training is going fine at the moment, I'm now about 5 days 5 hours left to finish PE 5, so it's getting there rapidly.

I intend to carry out my first invention runs over the weekend (I spent the time I had yesterday visiting my research agents to give them their Tritanium gifts to boost their output for the day, whilst relieving them of any datacores they had researched for me to date) so it should be interesting to see just how many 'streaky failures' I get since that seems to be the general consensus on the forums, everyone seems to be failing invention attempts these days.

With luck by the end of the weekend I'll have a decent stock of Tech 2 blueprint copies ready for manufacture by the time I get the skills needed to produce them efficiently.

My mineral stocks are coming along great now, I could do with a lot more Megacyte since I only have a very limited stock at the moment, there is some available locally priced about right for my intended profit margins, but I need to decide if I will simply buy it now, risk the price dropping or raising before I can use it, and tie up yet more of my money in assets, or place speculative buy orders to see if I can get a decent deal since theres still around about a week before I'd be in any position to use it, and maybe about 2 weeks after that before my stock runs out and I need to resupply - and 3 weeks can mean a lot of price variations in Eve, especially on fairly low supply/high demand materials like Megacyte.


Letrange said...

As a rule of thumb, there's about a 200 isk a unit swing between mid week and the weekend, try and plan your megacyte purchases on the weekdays.

Mynxee said...

I have a friend who swears time of day factors into invention success. Sounds crazy, but my alt's last 20 invention jobs (using a T1 item only, no decryptors) were done on two different days...10 jobs in the morning on Day 1, yielding 1 (yes ONE, grrr) success. 10 jobs in the afternoon on Day 2; 5 successes. Makes me wonder if she's onto something. Or maybe she's just ON something. :)