Saturday, 27 September 2008

Well, that was disappointing.

Got the message through today from CONCORD: The war with 'The Gentlemen of Low Moral Fiber' has been dissolved as they have not held up their side of the agreement - as a guess, they didn't pay the bill.

Aside from 2 seconds of them appearing in local on the first night the war was active, I had never seen anything of them during the entire war. Seems someone just wanted to burn a little bit of cash to waste wardeccing someone for a week.

Now though, back to business. The corp i'm in is a little in the doldrums at the moment, I'm racking my brains to think of some useful 'anyone can join in, newb or oldie alike' activities just to get the corp spirit back again, rather than sitting there grinding missions or building stuff all day and chatting.

Some things we have done in the past:

Corp Missioning nights (showing the lower guys what happens during level 4s, and earning them relatively megabucks in the meantime from their share in bounties)
Ice mining / regular mining nights.
Frigate wars - the general concensus from this was the newer players didnt want to join in because they worried they would be outclassed, but as one of our newer members ended up winning, at least we proved that wasnt always the case.

Is there anyone else out there who has any ideas a 'interesting and different' corp activities that even those without a specific skill set can get into? Ideally if it needs skills trained, they should be relatively quick to get (people can haul or mine decently for corp mining ops for example with 2-3 days training away from their preferred skill paths.

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ombeve said...

If you want to make your corp gel and have a bit of fun- get into some combat- nothing beats the afterwards chat of swapping stories etc.

If you want a fight, get as many people together as you can, and venture into 0.0. Contrary to popular belief, not all entrypoints are camped 24/7. Send one guy ahead in an Inty as a scout- if there's a camp, he can MWD back to gate and get out. Only a well setup and experienced camp will stop him unless he makes a mistake.

You may think you're woefully underequipped, and you may be. But getting in and maybe even scoring some kills would be great. Fly cheap ships with cheapish settings. As long as you stick together and use voice comms, you'll be cool. If there's enough of you, you may even be able to take on a small gatecamp.

Good luck :)