Friday, 31 October 2008

Guide Part 4 - Electronic warfare

I have uploaded the fourth part of the guide, the subsection on electroinc warfare, discussing everything from ECM to target painters, as well as the classics - warp disrupters, energy vampires and webs.

You can find it here

Theres still no one come forward interested in helping me fiddle with the layout and making it look nice, so I can only presume that there's little interest, but what I'm more interested in now is finding out if these have been any use for people. Are they too wordy and don't give enough maths on how things work? Is there not enough emphasis placed on the skills that are more important than the effects ? I am doing this for no reason as it's just covering old ground ?

Answers on a postcard please (or just reply if you want to save the cost of a stamp)


PsycheDiver said...

Great guide! I wish I could help you.

Tony said...

So sorry, but I am not quite sure on how to answer your question. Are you trying to modify the Blogger layout?

But yes, these guides give good general info on the topics. I personally tho, prefer more math for detailed calculations because I love math hehe.

Keep it up!

Karox Lominax said...

No I mean to format the guides with a desktop publishing programme to make them look a lot nicer rather than just pages of text.

I've not really got much of an artistic streak and generally suck at using things like photoshop to create decent visual logos and effects.

Tony said...

Ah ok, cool cool! No I think it looks good for a guide.

Jaggins said...

Enjoyed the guide. The formatting seemed very readable.