Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brief Update

Since it seems it's been a while since I wrote anything, I'll.. well.. write something - just incase people think i've fell off the face of the planet or something.

I'm now about a day and a half away from getting barge 5 finished, and from that, one of my first goals, getting into my Hulk that I made during my initial forays into Tech 2 manufacturing, is on the cards.

From that, I then Intend to spend about 26 days (according to Evemon anyway) getting to the point where I can invent anything for Tech 2 with a reasonable efficiency (everying at level 3, with some stuff at level 4) as well as train up the subsystem tech skills, metallurgy and reverse engineering for Tech 3. That will then let me get back to training up some combat skills in the meantime. I'll also get up to cruiser manufacturing 4 to allow me sit on the brink of Tech 3 manufacturing, and do some Tech 2 cruisers and frigates.

I still dont really have much interest in training up Jury Rigging 5 and getting to level 5 on the ship engineering skills to allow me to do the final assembly on Tech 3 ships just yet, but I'll consider that after I work on my combat skills again, perhaps finally getting my Nighthawk ive been lusting after for what seems like months.

Corp wise, we've joined a new alliance this week, should be fun getting to know the new alliance mates over the coming days/weeks, and then see exactly what alliance life can offer us.

Anyway... nothing spectacular happening at the moment I'm afraid... im making stuff, selling stuff, and wondering where to spend my hard earned cash... I've invested heavily in a new batch of tech 2 advanced materials and new blueprints for my expanding focus on tech 2 and invention, so im quietly hoping there isnt a massive price crash over the next month or two whilst I get everything in place.

Hopefully with the alliance there, and all the new stuff that could bring, I might have plenty to write about in the future... and theres always the guides - I'm busy looking at the old ones to update them ready for Apocrypha, so keep your eyes peeled.

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