Saturday, 18 April 2009

My Love/Hate relationship with Invention

OK for a kick off, i'm not going to join in with the whining masses saying 'inventions broke, it never works' because well... I know it does. Sometimes though, I always think that Lady Luck really, really doesn't like me.

Over the past week or two I've updated all my Science skills so I have level 3 in every Invention based skill (except for ships, but im not inventing them yet, so no rush) and I have invested in several new blueprints, which have been researched a bit (for future use) and copied ready for invention for when the skills finished training.

Now I know that level 3 in each skill isnt the best starting point, but by the 'unapproved' calculations that are known about gives me around about a 47% chance which im happy enough as a start point.

Anyway... so far I have worked on 3 new items in my invention arsenal: Energised Adaptive Nano Membranes, Nuclear S (for Barrage S ammo) and 200mm Autocannon's

To date the results are as follows:

EANM2's - 3 out of 10
Barrage S - 3 out of 10
200mm AC2's - 2 out of 10

Of course, in conjunction with that, I have managed a 4 out of 5 research on the last of my Invulnerability field 2's, and a 3 out of 5 result on Gas Cloud Harvester 2's - unfortunately the market is getting pretty tight with the cost of materials for Invulnerability fields, and theres not much sales volume on the Gas Cloud Harvesters to make them a reliable sales point.

Anyway... as I say, I know invention works, and sometimes you can get some spectacular numbers of successes... but why do they always come on things I dont particularly want them on ?


Anonymous said...

Agreed, this is a very annoying aspect of invention. I rather would have them up the datacore requirements with 100% success, which would have the exact same result, but at least you'd know what to get.

Just last week I had 8 hammerhead invention fail in a row :(. No fun at all.

Letrange said...

BTW, the common wisdom is don't bother inventing till the 3 skills on a particular invention job are 4/4/4.

Karox Lominax said...

Yeah I know... but it takes the best part of 4 days to get 1 of the skills from level 3 to level 4, and i'm impatient. Level 3 has served me well so far in my Shield/Cloak invention business.

Kirith Kodachi said...

I have a thought that if I were a MMO dev in charge of something like the code for invention, I might be persuaded to add a small modifier to reduce the successes of items that are attempted a lot more often than average.

Of course, the results you are seeing could just be a typically random result and not statistically significant. :P