Thursday, 2 April 2009

EON Errata (aka: oops, there was a misprint)

I've just recieved the latest copy of EON through the post today (Issue 15) with my (hopefully) long awaited Tech 2 article inside.

And it seems I wasnt very good at proof reading it - theres a pretty major misprint on the table dealing with Alchemy (page 77) - the table supposedly lists R16 and R32 moon minerals for use in the Alchemy process, but it doesnt, in fact it lists the Gas type minerals twice.

The correct list of R16 and R32 minerals can be found in the simple reaction table (page 75) if you're desperate to look them up.

Whilst I'm on and in an apologetic mood, I also noticed that I got my sums wrong in my Tech 1 guide from issue 14, incorrectly stating that the waste factor was halved with every level of ME research done on a blueprint - this again is wrong.

In fact the correct calculation is 'Base Waste Level'/1+ ME value. Therefore at ME1 the waste is halved, at ME2 its cut to a third, ME3 its cut to a quater and so on.

Hope it's not spoiled anyones enjoyment of 2 otherwise cracking issues of the magazine.


pjharvey said...

I'll get my crayons out to put in the corrections.

Thanks for pointing out the misprints, and for taking the time to write the informative articles.

Morph said...

Apology accepted ! :-)

Thanks for doing these articles, looking forward to read the T2 one !

Jer said...

Damn... I just spent 5.6 Mil ISK on reactions... Serves me right for not double checking item info before buying.

The easiest way to find perfect ME, given that the waste factor is 10%, is to divide the largest "perfect" material amount by 5.5 and then round down.

Example: Gallente Shuttle BPO requires 2750 Tritanium to make with a 0 ME level and perfect skills. So, 250 of that is waste (2750 / 11 = 250). Which means the perfect ME level is 500. 2750/5.5 = 500.