Friday, 22 May 2009

Assault ship a go-go

I've been still training Karox's ship skills even though im not quite sure how much more I will concentrate on his combat skills (see an earlier post on the subject) - but in the meantime, I've just finished training advanced weapon upgrades to level 4, which has allowed me to create a couple of interesting fits which were very powergrid-tight.

Firstly, a long range (60km or more) sniper harpy. This will complement my short ranged blaster harpy I have had in my posession for quite a while.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, I have trained up Gallente Frigates 5, and found myself finally able to get into the Taranis ive been holding onto for ages, as well as the Ishkur assault frigate, both of which are recognised as damned fine PVP ships (though the low powergrid on the Ishkur forced me to wait until I had AWU4 before I could fit it out)

Im looking forward to hopefully finding some time over the weekend to test them with fleetmates in lowsec, but i'll have to hope this 'jump bug' where your display gets messed up and sticks in an endless loop gets eradicated sooner rather than later... its dangerous jumping into an unknown lowsec system and not knowing if youre going to be alive after logging back in when your overview screws up.

Now i need to decide if I want to work on skills for gunnery and ship skills to take me up into cruiser sized and larger hulls, or do I just stick with Frigates as I had planned for a while (and still currently plan as per the retirement post from before)


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Morph said...

If you want to test those skills in pvp, then it might be wise to stick to small ships for a while, till you get the hang of it a bit ;).