Saturday, 30 May 2009

Where have you visited

OK, definately late on the ball for this one, but theres been a eve bloggers meme going around, where you display where you've visited in New Eden, thanks to the handy-dandy function which has been recently added (well... past few years I think, i'm unsure) to the galactic map.

Mine is as shown below:

First thing that comes to mind, is that I've hardly been the most explorative person out there... from looking at this, it seems that I've probably visited less than 5% of the systems available.

The second thing that jumps out at me is that theres so many non-connected spaces, with small 3-4 system runs in the middle of nowhere. Now perhaps these small pockets are actually connected (theres some very, very long interconnection pipes not shown on here) may be the case, but it just looks a little strange.

Might need a bit of a nosey around and fill the map with a bit more red over the coming weeks, just to give me something to do.


Kirith Kodachi said...

Some of the region to region jumps are quite long. One from Domain to Citadel is particularly long.

Lex said...

Hello. My comment is a bit unrelated to the post but I did not want to put it by one of you old posts since it would have never been noticed. Some time ago (around January if I am not mistaken) you recommended a browser based game called Estiah to readers of your blog. About a month ago I read through your entire blog (and enjoyed it immensely) and decided to try Estiah. I set you as my mentor and I must say like it so far. I noticed that leveling of my character gives your character some points towards mentor skill and even managed to give you a new level. Since it was only level 15 I assumed that you are not playing Estiah anymore. If you ever decide to go back let me know and I will gladly invite you to my guild. Thank you again for your recommendation and everything that you do for Eve community by writing this blog.

Karox Lominax said...

Thanks for the kind words, but yes, I gave up on Estiah a long while back. Had a bit too much on, and all my close friends who played it gave up on it after a short while.