Thursday, 16 July 2009

Corp Infiltration Double Cross

We've been wardecced again... nothing major, it happens every few weeks it seems.

However, this one is quite different in that they secluded a spy within our ranks a few weeks prior to the war going active...

We took on a new member who hung around with us for a few days, and after a few sessions where they joined us on level 4 missions, the guy seemed quite chatty and was quite well trained (able to solo level 4 missions at least) so we thought we would give him a go.

Anyway... after we were wardecced, we begun to suspect that there could be 'eyes in the camp' so to speak after the enemy seemed to anticipate our move - so we set a trap.

Publically, we set up a fleet that everything was known, and waited for the enemy to travel to us, in a system we dont usually form up in - sure enough they arrived in relatively short notice (now admittedly, I know that it was possible to just use a locator agent to search us out, but it was way too quick) and we sprung the trap - the secret, second fleet we had jumped in from the system over and we pincered the enemy.

Ultimately there werent many deaths, the enemy scattered, but now that they have lost their mole, the enemy have been very disorganised and its been much easier to trap them in ones and twos and pick them off.

In fact, so much so, they had resorted to posting fake killmails on our killboard (which ultimately, it was something we forgot the spy had access to still, but a quick password change has altered that)


pjharvey said...

I like a nicely laid trap like that. Excellent!

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Oh! Got him good, and it is hard to find the mole most of the times, good work with that!

EVE really is the meta-gaming game.

Anonymous said...

Good op. Some food for though as I don't ususally comment on counter-intelligence operations, but this is a good learning example. Rather than "out" your mole right away by basing a major operation around his deception, hand him off to your CI folks so they can string him along and keep feeding him enough information to gain the continued trust of his handlers. Eventually, they can work him into a compromising situation and flip him. Now, you've got a morally flexible asset that you've identified with access back into his own corp. Something to think about if it should happen to you again.