Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Observations of the new Autopilot

As part of the Empyrian Age 1.1.1 patch, an autopilot avoidance system was put in where you can manually choose to avoid specific systems. Pre-programmed into this is a system which avoids Jita so as to try and keep down casual 'passers through.'

This was all well and good, except no one mentioned to tell it to the department that maintains the contract system. For every item that is listed as being it Jita, the contracts sytem reported it as being over 2 billion jumps away (2,147,XXX,XXX in total if I remember the first few numbers correctly)

You'd have thought that it would have possibly listed it as unreachable or something, but maybe, just maybe they have moved Jita to the next galaxy over.

Whilst on the subject of Jita, why cant Rens or Hek start getting some of the Jita/Ammar superhub traffic. From my base in Molden Heath, it takes me 26 jumps to reach either of these superhubs, and from looking around at least 10 different regions markets over the past few days pricing up my tech 2 production bits and pieces, only 2 systems in the entire Eve galaxy seem to offer the selection and decent prices, and none of them are easy to get to within a reasonable time in a hauler.

Sometimes I wish I was a multi, multi billionnaire who could buy up half the stock in Jita and Ammar, move it down to Minmatar/Gallente space and tempt people to come there and make up another superhub to save all the time-wasted in travelling.

In other news, I've been approached by Zapatero of EON fame, who has asked me to pen an article for the next issue on my take on how to get into industry, as thats been a major theme of my blog posting recently. If all goes well, and I remember enough about writing to not really embarass myself (the last time I did any writing aside from blogs and forum posts was my University thesis about 10 years go, so I'm a bit rusty with my grammar) hopefully it will appear in issue 14, due out I believe early next year (Issue 13 is due to start shipping this week I think)


CrazyKinux said...

I need your email address mate!


Karox Lominax said...

Sent it on this morning :)