Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Eve Online Blog Pack

I've recent poking my nose around other blog sites in Eve to try and garner what other people feel about the game, and came across a project which seems to be headed by CrazyKinux (of 'The Drone Bay' podcast fame) who is trying to get a lot of Eve bloggers together into some sort of semi-coherent community.

I couldn't help but jump at the chance to be featured, so got in contact and managed to get my name added to the list.

I'm going to poke around this blogging stuff and try and sort out what I need to do to get up to date feeds from the other blogs on the list, but in the meantime, I'll refer you back to the original post on CK's blog which lists all the current members.

I'm sure you will find something on there to tickle your literary tastebuds no matter what your preferred activity in Eve.

You can access the original Blog Pack post at the following address: