Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I'm like a kid at Christmas

As you can probably gather, my training in Advanced Electronic upgrades has now been completed, so I'm looking into what I need to know to begin piloting the Covert Ops classes of ships - I always love getting a new toy to play with - not quite as fun as my brand sparkly new Interceptor I got a few weeks back (1 careful owner... erm... me) but I'm sure it will become a very useful ship for my various trips in and around the more disreputable parts of space.

As well as this, I decided to splash the cash and look into a whole new plaything - a Navy Issue Raven. Now... even though I am Caldari by birth, my reputation with my former bretheren is a little... strained lets say. I fly with the Gallente and the Minmatar as a rule, and that in the eyes of the Caldari is a bit of a no-no.

My relationship isn't strained as far as they would shoot me on sight, I try and remain civil enough to be able to fly around in their space without getting a Navy entourage following me around, but working for the Navy itself and getting to be known well enough that they would sell me a Navy Raven is a little unrealistic given my reputation.

So instead, I need to buy one from the various privateers who work on behalf of the Navy and sell on their spoils to the highest bidder.

Thankfully I found one not too far from Minmatar space (around 25 jumps or so) for a very reasonable price - 420 million Isk. Quite a large chunk of change for a single ship, and my single largest expense to date, but worth it, I hoped.

I flew out and via a middle man, arranged to view the ship, and arrange ownership transfer. Thankfully my time spent at the Republic fleet had earned me a pretty penny, after all, the Minmatar were always under threat from the Serpentis and Archangel corporations, and I was paid hansomely to pit my skills against their better pilots, so whilst purchase of the ship cleaned out my reserves, it was finally mine, and I was relishing a good chance to take it out and see what it could do.

Unfortunately, the 25 jumps back to home back scuppered any chance of doing anything too productive on the evening of collecting the ship, so instead I took her back to my home hangar, and reviewed the needs for fitting her to the best of my abilities. Spent the rest of the evening finding the right modules and fittings from the various markets around Heimatar and Molden Heath so she's sitting there in my hangar, all brand new and sparkly with a camouflage finish which dictates her Navy background.

In the coming days I will test to see just how she handles in a firefight.

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