Tuesday, 29 July 2008

War !

Woke up today to see a nice message waiting for me on the internal corp mail : Criminal Element [ATLAR] has declared war, hostilties can begin around 10pm Eve time.

This should be interesting - we always seem to attract the attention of war dec corps, not sure if they see our 'we run missions and are industrialsts' type bio and think we are easy pickings, but we've sent many a pirate corp scurrying back to home base with their tails between their legs.

Been spending the last hour or so buying some disposable ships for corp mates and generally getting prepared for the combat... should be an interesting week, definately spice things up more than blindly running missions again and again for the Republic Fleet.

No doubt you will hear more as it happens.


Anonymous said...

Good hunting and kill some for all of us eh?

Lovie said...

Good post.