Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Please tell me i'm not the only one...

No... its not a cheesy line from the chorus of a romantic song... its Eve... and specifically, skills within Eve.

I'm sitting here with 7 days (and 7 hours) on the clock for Electronics Upgrades so I can get my CovOps ship skill trained, and I'm just running that number over in my head... thats 1 week, 1 whole week of not gaining any more skills, sitting static and unable to progress.

I dunno... maybe im just impatient (ok... no maybe about it, theres a lot of skills I want to try and the timing of them is a constant irritation) but now i'm into the stage where i'm training levels 4 and 5 on the rank 2-3 skills as pre-requisites for others, the timers just keep on adding up - 5 days for level 5 on a rank 1 skill is bad enough... but 10... 15... 20... it's driving me mad.


Spectre said...

It's very tough but you will get used to it. I am sitting on a 12 day skill right now (Amarr Frigate V) which is then going to be followed by a weeklong skill (Energy Energy Turret V). It is tough to sit and watch the timers count down but you have to just think forward to what you will get out of it in the end (A Crusader interceptor in my case).

Karox Lominax said...

Oh yeah, you get to the point where theres nothing to look forward to but long duration skills, but theres usually some benefit to them - mainly opening the next tier skills so you can get levels 1-3 nice and quick on the next step of your training once you go through the long-slog.

Im still not looking forward to training up beyond tech 2 frigates though, as the cruiser and battleship level 5 skills are measured in weeks not days, but in the end, its time well spent when you get access to HACs and things.