Wednesday, 30 July 2008

War - The First Night

The first night of the war was fairly uneventful - no one was willing to trade the first blows.

Unfortunately, me in my wonderous sense forgot to set my clone skills away early enough so I had to wait around 30 minutes from the start of the war to get my next clone available (so as to protect my implants during these war-times) which meant that I couldn't take part in any of the events of the first night.

It was typical things - 1 of their ships sitting around outside base acting as bait with 2-3 others on scan in a safespot (probably aligned for immediate warp in) along with possibly another 2-3 stealthers either at the base or at the safespot. The bait ship was unwilling to engage even when we had pilots buzzing around it - so much for the big bad corp who declared war only to sit there inactive when we presented targets.

Anyway - in the end we got bored and sprung their trap - we only had time for 1 major skirmish for the evening, so we gathered at our own safespot, and engaged their bait. Immediately we were engaged by a Typhoon, as well as a Falcon, and 2 stealth bombers, and 1-2 other ships I can't remember at the moment.

The Megathron who attacked the bait ship was immediately locked, and as our other pilots headed in, they found themselves Jammed by the Falcon and unable to assist. The falcon pilot was smart, they were over 150km from the main combat, so we did not have the time to catch up with him to do any serious damage before our pilots were jammed and unable to target anyway.

In the end, we lost the Megathron, no major loss due to insurance, but it provided us a wonderous amount of intel on the pilots and their combat methods, which can only help to serve us in the future.

As for the reason for the war - it seems to be purely financial, probably extortion in the end. They refused to tell us the reason for the wardec unless we paid for it. Ultimately, whilst we can very likely lose a fair few ships to this war, we are only fitting inexpensive modules, and recovering the majority of the cost of the ships from insurance, so our enemies will soon learn that it costs a lot of money to keep a war active, with the hope that it costs them a lot more than they make - every PVP victory for us will be a major blow to their finances as they are using some very expensive fitted ships, whereas we will lose next to nothing, and their loot from any of our deaths will not pay much towards their costs of maintaining the war never mind recovering the costs of any lost ships.

Should be interesting to see how the next few days pan out.

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