Friday, 8 August 2008

EEEPc 701 vs 901

Not sure how many people have heard of these little wonder machines from Asus, but I've been a proud owner of a 4gb EEEPc 701 now for a few months (i'm actually writing this post on it now) but try as I might, even though some people have managed to get eve running on one, i've been unable to manage it (think the in built processor on the linux model, which is hard to overclock, isnt up to scratch, it always crashed on the character select screen) whereas those who installed Windows on their machine, which had an option to do software based overclocking, worked well enough)

So I decided to splash out today on a 901 model with larger resolution, a faster processor (1.6ghz vs 900mhz) and windows pre-installed with a hope to get eve working on a truly mobile system (I've got a big HP laptop i'm using with a 19" screen which is sort of mobile, but I wouldn't want to try and cart it around with me too far)

With luck it will be here tomorrow, so i'll write about it if it works - or if it doesn't.

Just for anyone interested too, the war is still ongoing, but we have secured assistance from a PVP focused anti-pirate corporation who have counter wardecced Criminal Element, there haven't been many skirmishes yet (their war only activated yesterday) but we are all hopeful that with a fair bit of pvp experience on our side, we can bring the pirates to their knees.

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WTM said...

I'm interested to see how this turns out....

I myself have a 701 as well, but at the time of purchase never even considered it capable enough for Eve.

Now if a 900 series can pull it off, well there maywell be a good enough reason to upgrade, to that or one of the new 1000 series eee machines.