Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Ship of choice

Question for all of those pilots out there in outerspace land - what type of ship do you prefer to fly ?

I'm not necessarily asking about a specific model, but more specifically, a category of ships - now I know each of the 4 races has a significantly different method of piloting their ships, so it may not be as easy a question as 'I like interceptors' for instance, but anyway, unless you want to be very specific, theres no need to be.

Personally, i'm a fan of small, fast ships - my PVP ships of choice would be anything frigate sized, either tech 1 or tech 2 varient, but at the moment I'm the most competent with the Caldari side of things, able to access all tech 2 frigates from their fleet, with Gallente frigates on the horizon, and Minmatar lagging behind (but on the other hand, I love the Rifter, though it doesnt seem to love me much based on the number I've lost)

I've recently been playing up to my drone combat strengths and started using a Vexor in the corp war, but thats only because there isn't a suitable drone frigate available at Tech 1. I do want to start working eventually on the Tech 2 cruisers and battlecruisers side of things, but I want to ensure I can properly field Tech 2 frigates for at least 2 races (including relevant Tech 2 weapon systems) before I move on and get bogged down in 'alternative routes' once more.

I am annoyed at just how easy it is to lose a tech 1 frigate in combat, and if the tech 2 varients are just as paper-thin then there could be a large cost to hit me even with the cheap individual price of each ship, if they die much faster than tech 2 cruisers and battlecruisers, it can mean a greater price overall.


Anonymous said...

Still pretty much a noob so I stick to my Rifter but I do love it. I'm looking forward to moving up to a Rupture and Stabber when I get my support skills up.

Spectre said...

I think it would be most interesting to hear the responses of people who are vets with a lot of SP and money. When anything is available to somebody, what do they choose?

Personally as a fairly new and poor player who can barely handle flying a battlecruiser, I tend to stick to T2 Frigates and T1 cruisers. I love flying interceptors (Taranis, Ares, Crusader) but recently I have found myself annoyed at flying anything that cannot handle tanking gate guns for at least a few moments. I have started flying a plated Thorax a lot recently and have been very impressed by its performance. Fourteen kills out of it so far and somehow it has not yet been destroyed. It is a very reliable spacecraft.

Mynxee said...

I'm with Spec regarding T2 ships and sentry guns. Yeah, they are sexy and fun to fly, but gate guns can eat you alive. Besides, you can never insure those T2 ships for what you invest in them. Therefore, for low sec solo hunting in the belts, I like my Rifter and especially my Rupture. For engagements at a station or gate, I'm partial to my Hurricane...it is fairly nimble, can lock fast, and can tank sentries for a reasonable amount of time while doing decent damage.