Monday, 18 August 2008

Moving into production - continued

My industrial side has been well and truly let loose over the last few days. I'm going hell for leather to see about getting production started before the new year. I know its only August, but I worked out my training schedule, and uninterrupted (i.e. no more combat side of me gains) would be going until early November, and then theres things such as fitting in the time to actually research BPs and copy them, carrying out the invention on them etc as well as actually gathering the datacores needed and such, that all adds to the time that isnt exclusively waiting for that good old 'skill training completed' announcement.

I have identified 4 types of datacores I will need, with my chosen R&D corp (Core Complexion Inc) being able to supply 2 of the types - thankfully both the expensive ones I need, therefore I hope to get my Research Project management skill (still require to train Research V) up to at least level 3 so I can simultaneously use 4 R&D agents, selling off the excess datacores to fund the ones I need to buy features heavily in my plans - unless theres a major market blip and the expensive ones become the cheap ones of course, and well, that could be a bit of an issue.

I have bought the Data Interfaces I need (thankfully they are just the module data interfaces, so they set me back less than 10 million each) and I have trained level 1 in all of the appropriate skills needed, working from now on the higher level 3's and 4's i've got planned - I dont want to start researching and inventing until at least level 4 encryption and level 3 of the research skill (since level 3 is needed for manufacturing anyway)

I still need to rustle up the cash for the research project management skill (40 million isk - eep) as well as the blueprint for the cloaking device prototype (think that could be around 100 million, but haven't looked in too great a deal, cant afford it anyway at the moment, and its far enough back on my plans that it gives me some time to get the cash together)

I'm hoping that this eventually gives me a diferent income stream than what I've currently got, as missioning becomes very boring very quickly when everything becomes a walk in the park, and I don't have time to spend with all of the waiting around and baiting targets to move away from docking distance that is involved in PVP. I hope that a simple 'log in, set things away, come back in a few days, sell on the market' approach could be great to get income in so I can spend what time I do have enjoying myself and not letting the worry about how I'm going to fund my next ship loss be the overriding factor in the combat I take part in.


Scott said...

I'll be curious to see how it all works out for you.

I've been doing several billions worth of business in T1, faction production. Trading/Reselling.. BPO research.. you name it..

I'm at 17m skillpoints and was looking heavily at invention, or just producing off T2 bpc's, but I can't figure out what the angle is yet as any potential profit given the hassle vs other income methods totally eludes me.

Which leaves me pretty disapointed with the system at this point and hoping CCP can refine it much further or introduce something to give those of us that missed out on the BPO Lottery a way to catch up.

Karox Lominax said...

Thanks for the insight - hopefully this will go well enough that I can keep it going long enough to make plenty of blog entries on how it is progressing, but only time can tell that one.