Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The War - Week 3

Yesterday, we found that the war is again going to continue for another week. Our friendship with a local anti pirate corporation has not managed to diminish Criminal Element's resolve, even though we have achieved exceptional success in kills vs losses value.

Our simple 'hit and run' tactics are working well - gathering up a few systems out and then rushing in to engage as they bring their pilots to bear against our ships - of course this is counteracted by our opponents who almost blankly refuse to leave docking distance of a station, so as soon as they are attacked, they run with their tails between their legs - so much for the mighty wardeccing group who hoped for an easy few kills against a missionrunning corporation.

I must thank our associates however who have brought some much needed PVP experience to the table (faction warfare made us lose a significant number of our PVP minded members) as whilst we have 4-5 members who have a lot of experience fighting the various wars we have been a part of, the majority are simply mission runners caught up in game of politics that they would prefer to have no part of, instead training their skills and running missions until they get a few more months of piloting experience under their collective belts to allow them to participate more actively in the wars.

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