Sunday, 17 August 2008

Getting into production

I've just spent 100 million Isk or thereabouts buying all of the appropriate research and production books for my future plans for Tech 2 production - currently looking at Drones and Cloaking devices as my main focus of tech 2 production.

Now I'm staring at weeks (perhaps months if I want to get the most out of the skills) of skill training ahead of me to get the the skills needed, and millions of Isk worth of saving up for a good mineral stockpile to make everything I need, get the blueprints needed, and buy things that I cant get easily (i.e. moon minerals etc) just so I can dabble in something to see if it provides a new insight into the game, as simply running missions all the time is boring.

At the moment, theres no solid plans within the corp to move into 0.0 space, though discussions are ongoing with alliances to see about getting involved with what they do to give us the much sought after 0.0 access we have craved for so long.

You can say what you want about Eve, but one things for certain, its the sort of system where you can easily chop and change from task to task in... that in itself makes it different to the rest, but it's incredibly frustrating to see a skill plan in front of you for weeks at a time until you think 'yes, I'm now ready to give this a go and be competitive'


Kirith Kodachi / Farseer Bill said...

If you want to do more than dabble in T2 invention, you'll need a pos for doing copies. :)

The Wicked Messenger said...

If you're planning to do T2 mod invention, getting the encrypting and the 2 other related science skills for that particular mod to IV will suffice and give you a nice successrate.

You will indeed need copy slots, I found a few backwater lowsec gallente systems to do that. Your BPOS dont need to be researched for ME etc, but if you want to use them for the t1 part you often need for invention / production it ofcourse helps.

An alt in ZZZ Aliance helps with the slots and there are ppl in there that help with copying as well.

Karox Lominax said...

Thanks for the words folks - indeed, finding an empty copy slot isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, but I do have access to a POS which I can use taking the wait down to a week between loads - much better than the 30-50 day delays in most Hisec factories.

I need a few skills before I can copy though (specifically metallurgy 5 if I remember correctly) so it's still a few days or even possibly weeks (if I get sidetracked too much) before I can get started with the invention.

Karox Lominax said...

Update: Silly me - Just realised that Metallurgy 5 is only needed to perform ME research on the prototype cloaking device blueprint and tech 2 blueprints (which cant be done on copies anyway) - but as the prototype cloaking device still retains a lot of tech 2 characteristics in the blueprint, the skills needed are the same (i.e. science skills to manufacture and research, needing reports as a additional materials when making copies etc) - I can make copies - and invent on them - at my current skill level, and since ME of the base blueprint doesnt matter then thats all well and good - it only matters now that I need to produce 1 prototype cloak for every tech 2 cloak needed, so I need to see if thats cheaper to buy from the market or to manufacture on a non ME researched bpo, at least until I get to metallurgy 5 - but thats now a low priority skill.