Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The end of the war post

The end of the war caught us by suprise more than anything - it was 3-4 days before the renewal date that it was formally cancelled by Criminal Element.

Soon after, they seemed to join back up with Blackguard Coalition (where some of their members came from, and which they had links to, and who we suspected were funding the operation overall, because theres no way a 14 man corp could generate enough cash to fund the ship kills we had made when they spent all their time station camping us) and were gone just as quick as they had appeared.

I have to congratulate them in a way, they were civil during their losses, and they didnt mind to lose some very expensive ships (one, that wasnt our kill, but went to friends of ours who they wardecced as well was rated at around 2 billion isk, a very well fitted Machariel battleship) but we as a corp were always prepared for the long haul, having been in many wars of attrition in our time meaning we tire the opponents out by having them station camp us all day, strike fast when the opportunity arises, and do what we can to keep normal operations up at all times when we can.

As for me, it gave me a chance to bring the Navy Raven out of its dock, and continue to use it on missions, instead of a cheaper, more replaceable battleship or battlecruiser, and the added speed in completing the missions has been a refreshing change over the last few days. I've been spending the majority of the time getting my blueprints researched, training up the 'Research project management' skill to allow me to get more datacores for future invention use, and now 'all' I need to do is work on my production skills, as well as improve the science skills to high enough degree where I would be happy to use them - which is looking to be around 75 days of training or thereabouts - which is a long time to train when you aren't getting any more combat skill improvements.

As I've said before, the Eve universe is definately not for the short-term gain minded, it takes weeks of planning to get anything off the ground, at least anything thats worth putting the time in.

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