Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Apocrypha: Day One Fallout

Unfortunately I had to go out yesterday evening, so didn't have much time to explore exactly what Apocrypha had to offer, but here are a few of the highlights and lowlights (is that even a word? I've only ever heard it used in management speak) of the patch as I see it:

1) The patching process itself was quite straightforward and the servers appeared to be up according to schedule - and they didnt seem to drop out at all. I did cheat a bit and download the manual patches during the day at work though so I've no idea how the autopatcher was going to work, since I didnt want to wait 4-6 hours to download 1.5 gb of data at home, since I had to go out, and I loathe to leave the PC on when im out of the house (I always worry that the things going to explode and burn the house down)

2) The probes - This was a bit of an annoyance. Firstly, I bought a whole load of Quest probes before the patch that were nice and cheap with a view that 'at least they will probably normalise the material requirements for the probes and put them at about the mid level of where the old ones sat' but upon looking at the new core probes that were in my hangar, they had about the same refining output as the old quest probes did. Thats good I suppose for those who want to make them from new, they will be nice and cheap, but it means that all my old probes, multispecs and all, which were quite expensive (14k-21k rather than the 3k of quest probes) have lost a LOT of value. This one was my fault I suppose since I couldnt be bothered to sit through loads of patching for the test server, so didnt bother with it to any great deal.

For some reason also, pretty much all of my 'combat probes' were missing - there was only 1000 in my hangar when there should have been about 4000 (taking into a mind that the old recon probes should have converted to combat probes) - these things were pretty expensive to manufacture since they needed some Strontium to make, which was quite an annoyance to see them all disappear. Add in the massive material loss with my 17k core probes (1000 of each of the 16 types of old probe and 1000 multispecs) that was a bit of a bad side.

3) Tech 3 manufacture - I was mildly suprised to find that all of the material requirements for the strategic cruiser hulls for each race was identical, and also that each race and type of subsystem share a material table, that should make the spreadsheets for these much easier to manage. Again, blame that one on not being able to log into the test server.

4) Attribute remapping - I decided to go for a nice balanced approach, and dropped my charisma down to the minimum and the rest with a slight focus on perception and willpower. Pretty much every thread on the first page of the 'skills' forum on the Eve Online forums is asking about the best way to set your stats, and loads of Achuras asking why they cant 'get rid of their 11 points of charisma since the minimum is 5' (its because they arent taking into account that the learning based skills cant be reduced, and when you tell them they need to actually raise charisma to meet the minimum 5, they go off in a huff.) Had a bit of a chuckle at that one.

5) Wormholes - A few corpmates went into a wormhole from lowsec yesterday and managed to get minced in seconds from a sleeper BS, seems that theres still a lot to learn about those lot.

6) Training queue - Works like a charm. Managed to train all the level 1 and 2 subsystem skills, gas harvesting to level 2, and then pop right back over to Astrogeology which I had set before downtime. Seems nice and straightforward to use, so im looking forward to not having to stop a skill with 2-3 hours to go when it would finish when im at work/going to bed in the future.

All in all, looking good so far.

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