Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Need some help with Tech 3 production processes

I'm busying putting together my first draft for my future EON article on Tech 3 manufacturing, problem is that there has been some slight (and some significant) changes from the Test server compared to what there is on the live server.

The question I have is quite simple: When reverse engineering, are the decryptors (the racial ones that you need to put in every job to determine the type of BPC you get) consumed? What about the RAM Hybrid Tech ? Is it 100% consumed with each job, or partially consumed as all RAM units are classically?

A second question is what are the outcomes? So far I've seen a 3 run BPC produced as reported on the forums as well as all of the blueprints on the contracts system. Are the blueprints always 3 run, or do you get 1 run, 10 run, 20 run or more blueprints with good successes (as I know that the end output is vairable with reverse engineering)

Whilst the chances are that theres many people not done an actual reverse engineering job (me included, which is why im asking) im hoping that the greater Eve population could spot this blog and may be able to offer some insight.

I've still got a few months until I need to submit it, so I hope that I can get something a bit more tried and tested by then, but if I can get something semi concrete in advance, it will help with writing.

Oh and by the way, look out for my Tech 2 manufacturing article in the next issue of EON due in April.


pjharvey said...

I can't help with the Tech III issue, but I would just like to say I am looking forwards to you Tech II article in Eon.

Tony "EVE's Weekend Warrior" said...

Same. I think you are quite a step ahead than most of us with T3 manu.

Good luck finding info! I would guess the RAM is partially consumed and the Decryptor isn't.

Cartoon Boy said...

I have a POS set up on the test server building TIII. The racial decrypters are not consumed upon reverse engineering, the rest is. Usually I got a 3 run bluprint at a 1 in 3 chance. Hope this helps.

Karox Lominax said...

Great, thats excellent info.