Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rambling Thoughts On the Brink of April

Another month passes, and ultimately, another month passes in the life of Karox, intrepid explorer, manufacturing mogul and general annoyance to Angels everywhere.

Firstly, yay me, I finally broke 20 million skill points a few days back. If only I'd not taken that year long break a while ago I'd have done that a long, long time ago, but never mind, live and learn, how was I to know I'd be back.

Secondly, it seems that the last Blog Banter post was my hundredth on the blog. Woohoo for milestones.

I'm still stalled on my training for Command ships. However, im finally going a bit more focused on Exhumers, and I'm now 10 days from finishing Mining Barge 5 (already having done Astrogeology 5) and from then I'll get Exhumers skill to finally use that Hulk that's been sitting in my Hangar for months (which I've been secretly wanting to fly a while since it was my first hand-made Tech 2 ship)

Been using the skill queue to good effect as well, training up a few prerequisites for the Tech 3 subsystem tech skills (mainly science skills, and the other racial starship engineering skills) but since I've only done levels 1-2 of these via the skill queue, theres still lots of training ahead of me - Metallurgy was raised to 3 so far, but still need to get that to 4 before I can even train the Reverse Engineering skill.

I need to start deciding how to spend my time though from now for the next few months - do I refine my skills in one area, or (the more likely choice) just dot around from thing to thing and never really become specialised at anything (and therefore take forever and a day to get there) - Tech 3 manufacture isn't on the cards yet material wise or skill wise, so I dont know why im worried too much about getting those, suppose its a 'its new and I want to do it' mentality without thinking through the realistic options.

I'm hoping to spend more time on my combat side, even though I now have an alt (well.. have had one for a fair few months now, its sitting at just a little over 10 million skill points) specialised in Minmatar ships with limited charisma (yay pre-patch Achura) for combat use, but thats far from finished at the moment. I dunno if I should keep Karox as a support/industrialist character, but I'm still focusing on Caldari/Gallente with Karox and Minmatar and (eventually) Amarr with the alt (I know, I know... old racial enemies ship types on each character, it just worked out that way when I created Karox wanting to fly Gallente ships but heard that Caldari made good mission runners to get income when I first started)

I've still yet to get lost in a wormhole (I've had a bit of a tentative look around one or two of them, but nothing substantial). Tell you the truth, I'm a bit scared of it. Not in a 'yah boo sissy' way but rather the fact that I'm needing to access my science and industry stuff on a daily basis or thereabouts, and I dont get much time to log in daily (I can pop on for an hour or so every morning, and limited longer periods after work) so need to be able to access everything in a very quick time - having to find a way out of a wormhole and then back from wherever I end up at would just be a massive inconvenience for me. Add to the fact that I don't have a clue as to what ship to bring on the wormhole expedition either - I've got a Drake set up that should be ok to solo low level stuff with, but it cant really exploit the better things found in wormholes (archaeology sites, gas clouds etc) and only has 1 salvager, so thats going to be very slow going if and when I do kill stuff.

I'm definately considering going to Fanfest this year, but it seems the Early date has caused a bit of a ruckus and some people who were intending to go now can't because of the earlier than expected date, and i'm a bit worried that I'll get there and will end up not knowing anyone (hell... 50k plus people out in space at any one time, and probably 4-5 times that in total active accounts means a lot of people that could end up there, and I only know about 10-20 of them outside of corpmates)

Anyway, I think thats enough rambling for now, got a lot on my mind, including moving a fair few combat vessels to a lowsec base to start getting out and about again, I've been cooped up in the science and industry service station for way too long it seems.

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