Thursday, 12 March 2009

Premium Lite and the EeePC

I was a bit worried about my EeePC after the Apocrypha update, its hardly the most powerful machine out there, and whilst it ran Classic mode Eve acceptably (I would never have tried to fly in space and 'do stuff'), I was worried that the upgrade to Premium (or more specifically, Premium Lite) would be simply too much for the little guy.

I must say I was mildly shocked - after turning down all the settings to low, it managed to run, and I can still do station based activities with it, which was ultimately all that I wanted to do with it anyway. Go one for the little guy.

It chugs along at a rediculously low framerate (prob about 2-3 FPS if the jerkiness is anything to go by) but hopefully that wont cause me too many problems with clicking the wrong button and making 1000 of an item when I mean to make 100 and other such comedy moments.

All in all, I'm a bit of a chuffed little bunny at that revelation.


Derek said...

I often run EVE via VNC and frame rate is obviously bad. So I often do everything while the starmap is open. Works great!

WTM said...

Out of interest (eeepc owner myself), which OS are you using?

I've been sticking with Linux myself, and indeed last night installed Lenny (but given the number of other machines we have, have never been inclined to try Eve).

Karox Lominax said...

I've got a 901 with Windows XP on it. I used to have an earlier model with Linux on, but try as I might, I couldnt get Eve to work on it even through Wine, and the Linux version of Eve didnt seem to want to work either. Bought the 901 with the slightly higher spec (just incase that was the issue) and with Windows on it (which im more comfortable using) and it worked first time.