Sunday, 15 March 2009

First look at Tech 3 costs

I've created a spreadsheet to include a way to enter the costs that the market generates. Its not perfect (only includes the materials, not the costs of handling them and moving them along the production chain) but if anyone wants to use it as a starting block feel free.

Under the cost cells in the spreadsheet, you can enter your own values in the green coloured cells, but the grey ones are calculated from a previous sheet. This of course makes it the 'best case' where everything is generated from the ground up, if at any point along the chain, the parts are bought from the market rather than generated from raw materials, just alter the appropriate cell, it should filter through automatically.

They're entered now with current Jita prices of all the tech 3 parts, everything is still way too pricey at the moment as could be expected, but once prices calm down a bit it should be a good guide to make sure you arent getting ripped off.

Also, Tareen Kashaar on the Eve forums has developed a new flowchart for the production of Tech 3 parts, which is much more comprehensive (and clears some of the errors that were there) from the originally Dev published one. This can be seen from the following link:

Note that the 'known space' buyable parts (the reactions and the component BPOs) are available galaxy wide from Core Complexion Inc and Chemal Tech stations.

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