Sunday, 8 March 2009

Halada's at it again...

The other day, Halada, the author of quite possibly the most accepted undisputed mining guide for the Eve community is planning to release the third version of his guide, expanding into all facets of production, from mining to tech 1, tech 2, tech 3 and capital ship manufacturing, POSes, Outposts and Managing the markets.

He has said that it will be relased on March 10th, in line with Apocrypha going live, but he does state that the stuff directly related to the Apocrypha expansion will follow 30 days later, so that's giving him a bit of a barrier just incase anything changes from how its currently portrayed on the test server.

The announcement was posted on the Eve Online forums so if youre interested in keeping up with the countdown, and can suggest a suitable name, feel free to put in your thoughts.

As for me, I feel like I've had my nose put out of joint a little, since if he pulls this off, theres not much point in doing a dedicated Tech 3 production guide, since I dont think its worth my time trying to improve on something that, if its anything like his mining guide, covers pretty much everything in good depth. I'll enjoy reading it though and it's promised to be big, around 160 pages from last count or so he says.


Letrange said...

Halada IS da masta!

His mining guide is the miner's Bible.

wilhelm2451 said...

It should be an interesting read. I followed his earlier work to get my mining career going.