Sunday, 29 March 2009

Blog Banter 6 - Times, they are a changing

This month's topic comes to us from Quintrala of Speed Fairy . She suggests to "write a short fiction story about the dissolution of the BoB alliance. It could be from BoB's point of view, the Goons', by neutrals in 0.0, civilians in Empire, NPCs or even rats. Write about before, during or after the coup; give us stories of market, war, people or love. In-character or roleplay. We want to know what happened, from those fictional characters that, in your mind, were part of it."

Karox sat with his head in his hands, staring blankly at the console, the breaking news on the Galnet screen flashing up stories:

'Breaking news, Band of Brothers Alliance has been dissolved' it flashed again and again, minor updates to the main body of news as the information trickled down from reporters who clone jumped to nearby systems in order to get in on the information soon.

All Karox could think about were the knock on effects, the massive spike in Tech 2 raw material costs, already vultures were buying up all of the stocks of things like Ferrogel as far as the eye could see, relisting it all at 2, 3... 10 times its value a few days earlier.

Massive strife out in the badlands of 0.0 space wasnt anything new of course, alliances fought for territory all the time, but since the Band of Brothers alliance were well known for holding several key resource producing moons in their 'backyard systems' this was going to really screw up the process for getting the stuff out to the empire systems where they could be used for production.

Whilst the complexities of the incident were slowly gathering truth (or rumour, whos to know when politics are involved) the market speculators were going hell for leather to get their cut.

The Tech 2 market, already rocked a little earlier due to the 'accounting blunder' which saw a way to get a massively increased output on the reactors, was going to suffer in the short term... and until supplies were restored, prices would skyrocket as people relist what meager amounts they have at unrealistic prices to get their share of the panic buying frenzy.

Of course, the real reason Karox was holding his head in his hands was that after buying a Freighter a little earlier, he had used up pretty much all his liquid assets, and therefore couldn't take part in the mass market hysteria and make a killing like so many others would most probably achieve.

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    Anonymous said...

    Good post bro always nice to see things form the manufacturing side of the house :)

    Karox Lominax said...

    Tell you the truth, I was about to bow out of this one since i'm not the greatest fiction writer in the world, much prefer factual information, but I was sitting in the house with half an hour to go last night before I had to dash out and quickly put that post together, I'm quite happy with it in its own little way... its not really fiction as it was pretty much exactly what was going through my head.