Friday, 17 October 2008

Post 50 - The big one...

As promised in my last post, I'm starting on a fairly lengthy process to keep me entertained, and it's to write a guide to almost everything to do with Eve.

These individual guides will be produced as quick as I can find time to get them done (weekends are unlikely, and weekdays will be based around workload) but I've finished the first part - weapon systems of Eve.

I've got plans for future guides on Drones, Tanking, Electronic Warfare, the Market, Scanning and Probing, running a POS, hauling and industrial ships, and also with luck I can include my industry guide I've submitted for EON (though for the benefit of the magazine, I may wait a few weeks until the next issue has been released so as to not ruin it for them) as well as many more.

I'm always looking for interesting things to write about, so if you want to suggest a topic, let me know so I can research it a bit and try it out just incase its something I've not got much practical experience in.

These guides are way too big to be put into a blog post, so I'm linking them on Eve Files as PDF files, so for those that have OCD collection disorder, feel free to grab em for posterity.

Now... these are fairly amateurish, I'm not too good with too many fancy graphics and layouts etc, I'm just wordy, so if anyone wants to help with that and go into joint collaboration, feel free to get in touch either by replying here or sending me an evemail in game, and we can work out a way to get it going ... unfortunately theres no money involved, im just doing this as a project to stave off the boredom, but you get a chance to get your name in joint-lights.

Without further ado - Please find Part 1 of Karox's Guide to Almost Everything in Eve - Weapon Systems

This link has now been updated with a new guide


PsycheDiver said...

How about a guide to RPing?

Karox Lominax said...

Hmm interesting thought. I'll admit, its not one of my strong points, I've not paid too much attention to the back-story to Eve beyond cursory glances, so doing a RP guide will be fairly tough, but it's something I've not seen before, so could be interesting.

prophet said...

join a pvp corp
you current corp is terrible and boring
if you stay in it you're going to burn out and quit the game