Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back to training and making money

At last my focus on Tech 2 manufacture seems to be getting off to a bit of a start, albeit a slow one.

After spending a lot of time training up and sourcing materials etc, I've managed to recoup my starting losses (except for the investment in the Tech 2 component BPO's as thats a lot of cash) and I'm now back in profit again. Of course, as a result of that, it means that my material stocks are running low again and I'm going to have to buy some more useful parts.

I had quite heavily invested in the complex reaction materials that go into producing the Tech 2 components, so much so in fact that after reviewing my BPC's I'd invented, most of the parts couldn't actually be used in parts that were useful for making a profit, which has left me with a back stock of 'non useful' complex reaction components. I'm considering manufacturing the Tech 2 components without any intention of using them for production, and instead to sell them on directly. The downside to this idea is that there is zero movement of the components within the local Molden Heath market, and moving across to Heimatar or Metropolis has been a struggle to sell things for me due to the 'undercutter' effect in Rens and Hek where people will constantly undercut your prices by 0.1 isk just to secure their sale - I don't have the time to spend all day camping my sales orders to make sure i'm competitive every 10 minutes.

After getting most of my production skills to a 'useable' level (i.e. what I call most skills around level 3, since they've broken the 50% bonus effect) and the ones that need to be increased higher up to where it's needed, I've decided to move back towards training up a little more combat focus. I still need to get Astrometrics 5 for probing (I trained level 4 a few days back) but thats quite a long slog, and I don't know if I really want to go that far with it when I've got a skill training list as long as my arm.

At the moment, I'm working on Hull Upgrades 5 so I can equip another type of Tech 2 module (T2 armour resistance modifiers, specifically EANM's for my PVP craft) and then I really need to get back towards my task of getting Gallente Frigates to 5 and Small Hybrid guns and the associated specialisation up for blasters so I can get the Tech 2 guns as well. After that, I want to get rocket and standard missiles specialisation (again, need rockets 5 and missiles 4 and 5) and maybe then work on medium blasters and the associated specialisation. I also want to get a few more levels in Heavy Assault Missiles to get the Tech 2 launchers, and maybe then I will have a decent ship selection for PVP - A Crow or Taranis in the frigate class, a Thorax and Vexor in the cruiser class, and a Drake and Brutix in the battlecruiser class.

I can't imagine going any higher than Battlecruisers for PVP as I have always found battleships to be too big and very unwieldy, but after that I really need to get training for all the specialist cruisers such as the Heavy Assault Ships and Heavy Interdictors, as I've been wanting to fly those since they were introduced. As well as that, since I have a good grounding in ECM and Cloaking, a Falcon would be on my training plan, but since It's regarded as the 'flavour of the month' ship by the time I get to be able to use it, no doubt it will have been reduced in effectiveness by the time I can get skills trained high enough to use it.


Anonymous said...

Karox, Just a thought for you Do not worry about what others think, if you like Electronic Warfare the skills required to be quite good are rather low (7 skills if I think about it) These are my skills and
Electronic Warfare level 4
Electronics level 5
Electronics Upgrades level 5
Frequency Modulation level 4
Long Distance Jamming level 3
Long Range Targeting level 4
Signal Dispersion level 2

from a blackbird I can hit 130KM, from a kitsune I get a bit better signal strength, but from a Scorpion I can hit some racial jammers at about 145KM. Sadly there is no BC for EWAR

If you like the falcon go for it!!!! She is one hell of ship that I have seen in operating since she came out and and by far she kicks ass!

Anonymous said...

Nice read, always interesting to hear about Invention.

I echo manasi's comments, you do train whatever skills you like. Jamming ships are always handy in a gang, they can turn a fight to your favour very easily.

Just bear in mind you'll be primary target a lot of the time, so range is very much your friend.